Love your cache and the planet

Geocaching brings the wonders and beauty of Earth into full focus by connecting geocachers with nature. Earth Day is a renewed reminder to leave each geocache—and the planet—better than you found it. The more time you spend outside exploring this extraordinary game board, the easier it is to realize you’ll be helping the environment with your actions, and the more you’ll be inspired to hide your next cache. Celebrate Earth Day with these five environmentally-friendly tips on hiding a geocache. Continue reading →

Cachers improve the outdoors

As seasoned geocachers know, taking care of the outdoor spaces where we geocache is an important part of the game we love so much. Geocachers are lucky enough to have a whole planet as their game board and they take their responsibility for maintaining and improving that game board seriously. Many cachers give back to the environment by practicing CITO habits and are enjoying an additional chance to improve the environment this year with the Locationless Cache, GC8NEAT. We at HQ had a feeling that geocachers would be excited about the GC8NEAT Locationless Cache, but we’ve been blown away by how many have taken part and how creative they have been with improving their environment. As of right now, over 23,000 cachers have logged GC8NEAT and geocachers around the world have hosted more than 1,400 CITO Events.

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