Take a trip down Memory Lane…

At Geocaching HQ, we’re honored to be part of the worldwide community of adventure-seekers known as geocachers. As we continue through the 20th year of geocaching, we invite you to take a trip down Memory Lane to celebrate the community and the milestones that have made geocaching what it is today! 

We realize not everyone is able to go out caching right now so we are doing things a little different this year. Memory Lane will start on June 1st and be available all year long through January 3, 2021. Move through the Memory Lane game board by finding different geocache types to collect points and earn up to five new souvenirs!

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The world’s most socially distant geocaches

Many of us across the globe are still being asked to stay safe by staying home. Luckily, cooped up cachers can actually take inspiration from geocaches themselves! 

While the minimum distance between geocaches is fixed at 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters), some geocaches are a good deal farther apart. We’re counting down the five most socially distant caches—caches whose physical stages are the farthest apart from other caches!

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New country souvenir, Réunion , with Geocache of the Week: LA PITON DE LA FOURNAISE

by broiler
S 21° 13.520′ E 055° 41.078′

Today, we released a new country/regional souvenir for Réunion. If you have found a geocache in Réunion, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Réunion is a secluded island in the Indian Ocean hundreds of kilometers away from the next landmass. Its remote atmosphere creates a tranquil escape for its visitors, and it is woven into the culture of those who live there. The coral reefs, forests, and volcanoes boast a lively array of species some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you want to lace up your hiking boots, strap on scuba gear, or lay out on the beach there’s never a geocache too far away. 

Image by Les Betty P 
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Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

Whether you’ve been geocaching for 20 minutes or 20 years, you’ve benefited from the efforts of dedicated geocaching volunteers. Nearly 400 community volunteers and thousands of cache owners and Event hosts give their time generously to help geocachers all over the world enjoy their favorite game.

Community volunteers include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers, forum moderators, and translators. They perform their roles solely for the love of the game and because they enjoy helping others. Volunteers are also those who create high quality geocaches to inspire others, bring their local community together for social events, and serve on the planning committees for Mega and Giga-Events. They beta-test new features from Geocaching HQ, are active within their local geocaching organizations, and host Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) Events to give back to the environment where we play our game.

On May 22 (and every day), take some time to thank and celebrate the volunteers that give of themselves every day to make the geocaching world turn. They put in a lot of effort for you!

These are a few ways to show support and appreciation for geocaching volunteers today and throughout the year:

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How to make geocaching part of your morning routine

As the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) situation is evolving rapidly, we encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing how to participate in activities such as geocaching. Your health and safety are the top priority.

You may have heard it before, creating a morning routine can often lead to a more successful, productive, and meaningful day. It also sets the tone for the rest of your day which is why we think the perfect morning recipe is to wake up and just add geocaching. Here are four (slightly proven) ways to include geocaching into your morning routine.

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