Mount Fuji 【富士山】 — Geocache of the Week

by H Suga @ Signal Expedition Party
Shizuoka, Japan
N 35° 21.637 E 138° 43.640

Faith may move mountains, but the chance for an epic find can move a geocacher to the peak of an active volcano. This is definitely true for this week’s Geocache of the Week hidden in Japan—Mount Fuji 【富士山】, GC3PTTR

Image by kinglee.
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Welcome to the cache owner dashboard

For the last 20 years, millions of creative, clever, and inspiring hides have been placed—enriching the geocaching gameboard worldwide.

This year, we proudly present the new cache owner dashboard! With access to your geocache stats, filters to quickly see if any geocaches need maintenance, detailed tables, and the latest activity on your hides, cache ownership online is easier than ever before.

This dashboard keeps you up to date on your hides. You can access the cache owner dashboard from the Play menu or your player dashboard on

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How to hide your first geocache

You may have noticed you have a brand new cache owner dashboard! This exciting tool gives you easy access to information on your hides, making owning a geocache easier than ever before. 

But what if you don’t own a geocache? You might be wondering where to start. Well, we’ve compiled our top tried and true steps for hiding your first cache.  

Happy hiding!

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The most Favorited Multi-Caches on each continent

These are the most Favorited Multi-Caches on each continent! A Multi-Cache always involves two or more locations, where the final location is a physical container with a logbook inside. There are many variations, but typically once at the first stage, cachers receive a clue to the whereabouts of the second stage. The second stage has a clue for the third, and so on.

This is the second in a new series about the most Favorited geocaches on each continent. Stay tuned next month for our next installment, and be sure to check out last month’s most Favorited EarthCaches! Are you ready to take a whirlwind Multi-Cache tour around the world? Let’s go!

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