Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Liège points de vue

The Belgian city of Liège is well-known for its waffles, but those sweet treats are only a small slice of all that Liège has to offer. To learn more about these wonders, we recommend going on the Adventure, Liège points de vue. The five Locations of this Adventure teach you about the city’s history and give beautiful sweeping views of Liege from different perspectives from the banks of the Meuse River to high up near the citadel. After completing this Adventure, you’ll be sure to appreciate the richness of Liege’s history and cityscape, as well as its waffles. Continue reading →

Get Ready for Sasquatch® Trackables!

In celebration of exploring the great outdoors, Geocaching has teamed up with Jack Link’s Protein Snacks to release 5,000 limited-edition Sasquatch® trackables across the country. In addition to searching for Sasquatch® in the wild, you have a chance to win free jerky for a year during The Great Jerky Hunt sweepstakes by Jack Link’s! Continue reading →

Creating connections and building community—interview with Marcellus Cadd

We first featured Marcellus Cadd (atreides_78723) in 2020 for his blog Geocaching While Black and his involvement in the geocaching community. We were inspired by his commitment to improve geocaching and his passion for the game. Since the last time we spoke, a lot has happened with Marcellus—more caches, more blogs, and even a featured article from NPR that highlighted him and his message. We wanted to check-in with him on this and more!

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