New challenge February 6: Signal enters the final labyrinth in the dragon’s lair

With a lantern to light his way, Signal escaped the labyrinth in the castle and now one final challenge lies between him and returning home to Geocaching HQ—and it’s the biggest one yet. To get back home, Signal must navigate through a labyrinth in the lair of a hungry, fire-breathing dragon. Will Signal be able to get out without a run-in with the dragon? Gather all your geocaching friends and find geocaches to help Signal make one last escape! Geocachers have until February 6 at noon UTC to escape the castle before the journey through the dragon’s lair begins. Continue reading →

What to expect after you submit a geocache for review

You found the perfect location and the perfect container, you checked to make sure it all complies with the guidelines, and after putting the final touches on the cache page for your new hide, you submit your new geocache for publication. Congratulations! You’re now just one step away from having your new hide published on the geocaching map. This final step, the review process, is an important one and it can look very different for each cache hide. Below, we’re sharing three scenarios to demystify the process and help new hiders know what to expect after they hit the submit button. Continue reading →

Ustroń – Skalna Twierdza — Geocache of the Week

by Dzastaa95
Śląskie, Poland
N 49° 42.064′ E 018° 50.510′

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a castle upon a rock. The Two Keys Castle has faced trials and tribulations, fighting battles and defending against fire and creatures, yet it stands tall and mighty! Do you have what it takes to navigate this castle and save the cache from the creature that guards it? For this Geocache of the Week, we’re traveling to Śląskie, Poland, for Ustroń – Skalna Twierdza (GC5WX7Q).

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Four low-impact principles to follow while geocaching

As any experienced geocacher knows, there’s a lot more to the game than just finding caches and posting logs for your find. There’s also hiding and maintaining caches, engaging with your local geocaching community, and, perhaps most importantly, taking care of the geocaching gameboard aka planet Earth. Following low-impact principles helps outdoor enthusiasts lessen their impact on nature and preserves it for future enthusiasts to enjoy. Here are four principles to remember the next time you head out to make a find.

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Adventure Lab® Spotlight: “THE LOST SYMBOL”

The Adventure, “THE LOST SYMBOL”, in Washington D.C. takes explorers on a journey to discover and learn about different historic locations in the capital city of the United States. Inspired by the novel The Lost Symbol by The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown, the Adventure highlights places that have important clues in the novel’s mystery. Follow in the footsteps of the story’s main character, renowned symbologist Robert Langdon, as you visit sites and answer questions for each Location.

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