GBC 2 – Name that Tune — Geocache of the Week

by WVTim
West Virginia, United States
N 39° 30.146 W 077° 57.916

This blog post was written by Visitor Center maven and Geocaching HQ employee, Sarah

Along a Berkeley County trail in West Virginia are thirteen unique geocaches. Each is a unique gadget cache which, combined, have earned over 5000 Favorite points. Along this trail lies our Geocache of the Week. Lovingly constructed, Name that Tune certainly won’t fall flat, and is sure to test both your musical and geocaching skills.

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Ready, Set…Plan Your GIFF Event!

The Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) is still three months away (November 8-12) but now is the perfect time to start planning your event. Don’t know where to start? Look here for help.

GIFF is your only chance to earn a special souvenir by watching a whole series of unique and fun geocaching movies. For more inspiration, check out these 39 amazing moments from GIFF 2017.

Questions you should think about while planning:

  • What equipment will you use to show the finalist films?
  • How many people will come and how many seats do you need?
  • Will your film night have a theme, snacks, or film judging?

How to host a GIFF Event:

  1. Read the tips for hosting an event.
  2. Submit your event listing on at least two weeks prior to the date of your event and wait for it to be published by a Volunteer Reviewer.
  3. Once your event is published, fill out the GIFF Sign Up Form.
  4. Wait for your event to be approved via email by the GIFF team at HQ.

Approved events will be added to the GIFF 2018 bookmark list and will receive the GIFF film reel file prior to the event.

Are you looking for GIFF Geocoins or other merchandise items? Check out our Shop.

The Revenge Of Team Psycho #1 – Treasure Island – Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by lpyankeefan
Maryland, United States
N 39° 26.150′ W 077° 48.033′

Call the crew! You need to assemble your best geocaching team to capture the daunting terrain 5 cache at ‘Treasure Island.’ In the middle of the meandering Potomac River between Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Shepherdstown, West Virginia, sits three weathered stone pillars of what appears to be remnants of an old bridge. Life has found its way on top of the eroding pillars. Tree roots grapple the sides, clenching onto its weathered base, and provide holds to stabilize those who climb to the cache.  

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Walking to the cache at low tide

Geocache swims across the English Channel

Seymour Tower at low tide
Seymour Tower at low tide

Finding the Traditional Cache L’Avarizon (GCWNGX) on the island of Jersey is no small feat. You must walk over a mile from the shore along a rugged coastline during low tide, making sure not to get stranded when high tide rolls in. Through an unusual series of events, a child stumbled upon the cache—when it washed ashore, over 100 miles (160 km) away on the other side of the English Channel in West Sussex, UK!

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