Discover the Forest to reconnect with nature

Have you explored your local forest or a new trail with a Discover the Forest trackable? Although the official promotion has ended, you can still reconnect with nature when you find a Discover the Forest trackable while geocaching on a trail near you. Here’s a snapshot of the Discover the Forest trackable promotion, one of our  favorite partnerships to date!

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Geocaching in Malaysia

Confirmed Geocaching souvenir moments for 2019

Geocaching in New Zealand
Geocaching in New Zealand

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Many geocachers love to explore the world, plan ahead, and achieve caching goals. One of the more common questions we get asked is “When is [insert recurring geocaching moment] this year?” This year, we’re letting people know the dates for annual events, well ahead of time. So cachers, this may be the year that you finally decide to attend an Event Cache or even, *GASP!* host your own!

Additionally, we will run several promotions in the coming year (similar to Planetary Pursuits and Hidden Creatures) that we’re not quite ready to announce yet. Make sure to follow the Geocaching blog, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletter (sign up here) for more information as we roll out those geo-moments.

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Image by Jouni Jurmu

Haksulandia — Geocache of the Week

by haksu10
Karkku, Finland
N 61° 27.174 E 023° 02.134
Working lights and a place to sit make signing this log a breeze! Image by Gidran.

It is a rare experience to find a geocache that checks multiple boxes off of your geocaching bucket list. For example, have you ever found a geocache that meets the following three criteria?

✔ Has its own electrical supply, complete with charging port for mobile cache logging!

✔ Has a CO who is on-site for maintenance (and maybe share a cup of coffee, if you’re lucky!)

✔ Is large enough that you can sit inside of it, complete with its own chair!

If you seek a geocache with these features, look no further than Haksulandia, our Geocache of the Week!

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