Help Decide the Next Geocaching.com Souvenir

Over the past several weeks, Geocaching.com has been releasing souvenirs for the U.S. and German states, special souvenirs and Mega-Event souvenirs to the geocaching community. More than 30 souvenirs are already available to geocachers. We’re scheduled to release six souvenirs each week into early 2011.

Example of a Geocaching.com souvenir: Rhode Island

Vote in the Souvenirs UserVoice forum to let Groundspeak know which souvenirs you’d like to see. We’re currently only accepting country suggestions. However, we are producing individual regions for several countries such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The most popular souvenir suggestions in UserVoice will be produced and two will be released each week along with the remaining U.S. and German states.

We look forward to seeing your suggestions for upcoming souvenirs!

To view the souvenirs that are already released click here. Bookmark the Geocaching.com souvenirs blog post page to see the latest souvenirs each week.

  • Will other countries be added later? Thinking of France, for example.

  • Yep. Other countries are definitely coming. See all the current and near future souvenirs. http://bit.ly/hdPPZf

  • We’ll be adding all countries eventually, but you can help to change the order that they are developed by going to the UserVoice link above and submitting your country and vote it up.

  • How about event host souvenir?

  • How about a CITO souvenir?

  • helixrider

    I feel the idea of souvenirs has a lot more potential than currently implemented. Have the souvenirs represent challenges! You will be surprised, how many cachers will love the souvenirs for example for
    – their first T5
    – having walked a hike longer thank 30 km

  • hexe82

    I haven’t quite made up my mind yet about this whole souvenir thing. I like the pictures in the souvenirs, but the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern souvenir that came out today (yesterday?) just looks weird… How come it is so different from the other German federal state souvenirs? A German flag and Gothic print… oh my!

  • HobbitTaz

    After the states/regions it would be good to have for the “Challenge” Cache finds – like the County challenges or Delorme. Another good set would be the Earth Cache ratings.

  • MountainMike #55

    How about one for 1/1/11, like 10/10/10?

  • Usimo

    To be very honest: The new ‘German’ Souveniers are horrible! They are looking martial and the font the artist is using is reminding on the darked episodes of German history! The worst is the Mecklenburg Vorpommern Souvenier… It looks like taken from a WW2 tank….

  • Kensai

    11/11/11 Would surely be better!


    I really like the idea of having souvenirs! I think the intention of using this font is that it is very similar to the gothic calligraphie used in Medieval / Renaissance e.g. the bible of Martin Luther. Unfortunately similar fonts have been used for several printings during the episode of WW2.
    So I think it was perhaps not the best choice to use this font because most peoply will associate this font – consciously or unconsciously – with WW2.

  • Segeln

    I consent to you. The rune font in all the German souvenirs are a “No Go”. “Weird” is gently expressed. I’m blush of shame to have that souvenirs in my profile. Sorry, Groundspeak! Reflect to this. How can I replace this souvenirs from my profile?

  • Question (or two) on souvenirs… In the ‘Lost & Found’ video, when he went to search for nearby caches, it popped up right away that he received a souvenir because of the area he was in. How come at times while geocaching nothing like that pops up on the iphone app, yet once you log the find, a day or two later an email is received that the souvenir was awarded? Within the email, it explains you can view your souvenir by logging in. I do just that yet the given souvenir doesn’t show up nor explain why I received it (IE the Florida State Souvenir.) Also, will there be a way in the near future where you can view your souvenirs right on the iphone app?

  • Riepichiep

    I very much agree. It reflects a part of German history that most likely all – including the german community would like to leave behind… And Germany is truly more than this part of history

  • Grace

    Hello this is 4legs71 here Just got an e mail saying i can find a souvenir I don’t have an i phone or the other unit mentioned What do I do?

  • TeamAlje

    We got a souvenir after accidentally logging a cache located in Canada. Archiving the logging doesn’t remove the souvenir from our profile. Is it possible to remove a souvenir from your profile?

  • Amezorc

    Poland seems to be released on Januari 11th 2011… Searched for a cache in Warschau.. took a found, look at souveniers… not present!
    Does it realy take 4 months to show a souvenir?

  • alexqp

    How about one for hiding your first cache?

  • Ryandinn

    GCBBA -Canada’s 1st geocache!!!!
    This should be at the top of the list for a souvenir.  Please, who create the souvenirs?  If it’s just everyday people, I would create one and submit for approval.

  • Cagey 6 Ear

    Found 100 caches closest to home.
    Found oldest remaining cache in state
    Hosted an event, 10 events, 25 events
    Hosted a CITO event, etc..
    Completed (5) 5/5 caches..
    Attended 10 events, 25 events, etc.
    Participated in 10 CITO events, 25, 50, etc.
    Have attended at least one of every event type (of those available during any 1 recorded year of caching)..
    Have found at least 1 of every (available) cache type.
    Have hidden at least 1 of every (available) cache type.
    Souvenirs for all three earth-cache badge levels achieved…..
    “Multis and puzzles non-avoider award” for those with 10 or more finds of both types..

  • Natalieugray

    How do you get your country souvenirs? I have cached in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, and no souvenir has shown up…

  • Ragged Robin

    How about for the Queens 60th year of rein

  • Giochetto

    I think an Earthcache souvenir, which is granted at the annual EC day would be a very nice thing

  • Herr Frau Untermbett

    Well, I would suggest to start with souvenirs for all 205 (?) countries in the world. I have had the opportunity to log caches in such exotic places like Algeria. And I would have loved to be awarded a souvenir for that achievement.

  • Herr Frau Untermbett

    We are hosting a 11-12-13 event on the 11th of December 2013. A 11-12-13 souvenir would be most appreciated.