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The Hiders

Kandy and Dann, Wheeler Dealers

Kandy and Dann, Wheeler Dealers

Wheeler Dealers caching career is all about hiding creative and fun geocaches. Kandy and Dann started geocaching in 2003. They’ve hidden more than 1500 geocaches around their Southern California home since then.

Kandy says, “We think you need to keep an open mind while placing geocaches. We like hiding caches because it feeds the creativity we have. It also has become a pleasure to be able to add fun to so many people’s lives that come to our area.”

Her advice for becoming a great hider is easy to follow, “Study an area, look for any nook and cranny, be ready to do a color match or similar texture and then make it a fun name. We like to have the hint in the name.”

Kandy says they like giving geocachers the same experiences that draw them to the activity, “We like Geocaching because we are always looking for an adventure. We have always liked getting out and exploring unknown territory so now we have an excuse to travel the unknown road or trail.”

Out of their more than 1500 hides one hide stands out: “Our favorite hide, we were out and about looking for places to put a cache and found a pair of HANDCUFFS  in the dirt. We put them on in an abandoned cement tube with a handle.  We then hunted for a fake severed arm and put the other handcuff on the wrist of the arm and glued an Altoids tin in the palm of the hand.

“We named the cache, The thief that got away…[now archived] with a description that we didn’t like people taking  our caches   The arm was finally taken away by someone but the cache made many people laugh and that is why we like placing caches.”

Just this year, hiding became more exciting for the Wheeler Dealers team: “Our reward now is the “favorites” votes.  It takes more time to place a cache than to find a cache.  We are pleased that Groundspeak is acknowledging the people that help make it a fun sport for others.” Geocaching Favorites is a new feature on Geocaching.com.

What’s your advice regarding creating great hides?

  • Leon

    Maintaining all those caches must be a fulltime job 🙂

  • FreeTraveler


  • Coman123

    I think it is great hiding lots of caches and giving back to the community
    But it seems, a lot are getting archived, all the ?’s and Multi’s are, and a large amount of traditional’s, with out being checked or repaired/replaced, a couple of DNF’s and archived
    I stopped counting around 1000 archived
    If I did this my reviewed would be all over me.
    Maintenance and longevity of caches is very important to me as a cacher and a hider.
    I even read one log entry where, they claim to have removed the cache, but it’s been found 3 times since.
    Again, good work on placing lots, but I hope a lot of Geojunk is not being left all over.

  • Jessedement

    This is so cool!! They hide some of the best ones that we have found. Keep up the great work guys!!

  • parko

    We are happy to see a picture of you both. When we were in Palm Springs a few winters ago we had so much fun looking for your caches. We have told everyone all about them. Thanks for the fun! parko

  • Strieck795

    When we go to Palm Springs, we ONLY look for Wheelers Dealers caches! They are the most fun!!

  • GJH

    10-20 caches per week being placed…every week. Just how much thought can actually be put into each one? Part of being a good cache owner is to maintain your caches, not just to place as many as possible.

    Seems that they are not being maintained, but instead are simply “throw aways”. Sorry, I’d rather see 3 or 4 well thought out high quality caches than a hundred throw away micros

    To each his own, I guess.

  • Karen Rakow

    Kandy and Dan have keep the desert from being… well, just a bunch of sand for a lot of us over the years! Their hides are always good for a laugh and usually a wicked challenge to find.

    Most anyone who’s hunted for one of the Wheeler Dealer’s hinds tends to remember it fondly, because they DO make them creative and different.

  • MountainMike #55

    That is 1 hide for every 3 finds. If you google ”most caches found” and click on the fist suggestion they pop up 4th on amount of hides

  • Soccer Bulldog

    Wow! Over 1,500 caches hidden! But also many archived. I don’t think anyone could maintain that many very very effectively. I’d be a full time job alright. I’ve hidden about 21 and have about 17 active and my dad and I try and make them a clever and creative as we can. As a result, they take a lot of work to keep going in the winter especially. I can’t maintain at ton, so I just focus and clever, creative and unexpected kind of hides. People have really enjoyed them. I’ve also found some very creative ones as well.

  • Soccer Bulldog

    If I’m ever the area of WheelerDealers I’ll definitely will stop by some of their caches. It may be a long while though 🙂 Love creative hides…

  • Peter and Gloria

    It’s always a pleasure to find a Wheeler Dealers cache. I’m sorry we missed the “the thief that got away” but we have used a lot of our Favorite Points on their great hides.

  • LovOrca

    Wheeler Dealer hides are my FAVORITES! I just created a gpx file for some cachers visiting from Alberta, Canada. They were heading off to Palm Springs and I told them to focus on WD hides. They were so excited. Thanks Kandy and Dann for making the sport so much fun, for maintaining your caches, and for your great events. You bring so many smiles (literally and figuratively!) I have laughed out loud when finding some of your great hides and look forward to them when I’m out your way. HUGS! LovOrca

  • ^true

  • Sharonstevens

    I find the comments interesting. Living in the Palm Springs area….wheeler dealer caches are always creative and challenging. Thanks a bunch. Regarding maintainence of the caches..I have personally emailed Kandy and Dann regarding caches and the response has been prompt and apparently appreciated as the cache was attended to…
    I am amazed at all the places they find to put caches. Definitely inspiring!!!!! Keep on Caching!