Hamsters Go Big Time Hamsters

Rumor has it internet servers are run by cute, hard-working, squeaky-voiced hamsters. Now you can have a hamster of your own. Your hamster could either be a Trackable or commemorated on clothing. The hamsters just launched  their own products today. You know you’re kind of a big deal when you have your own merchandise line. But the humble hamsters weren’t always big time.

The hamsters toiled running (Groundspeak) servers in obscurity for years. All that changed six months ago. Thousands of geocachers watched this first hamster video as the site received a server upgrade in May. Instantly the hamsters were a hit.

Hamster Trackable Tag

Two lucky geocachers even adopted retired hamsters used in the video. You can follow the adventures of one the hamsters in Germany on the blog, “Karlson the little hamster from Groundspeak.”

Now Shop Geocaching is introducing hamster themed merchandise. Customers outside the United States can ask their local Official Groundspeak Distributor for hamster merchandise. You can buy Trackable Groundspeak Hamster Tags.  You can also purchase hamster shirts.

Detail on Hamster Shirt

If you’re interested in watching the hamsters in their natural habitat, you can watch all three hamster videos at the end of this blog post.

As far as what’s next for the hamster, a lot of folks are asking. The answer may just rhyme with “bleacher tankth smoothie” (feature length movie) … or could that just be another rumor?

Hamster Shirt





This is the first Hamster video launched in May of this year. Geocachers discovered the history of the hamster rumor and learned more about the server upgrade.



Geocachers in Europe sent hamster food to Groundspeak Headquarters when the servers were slow during one week in the summer. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to thank them, including a cameo by Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Irish. This is the response video from posted on German blogs. Ironically since the hamster food arrived the servers have been faster than ever. Hmmmm…  (Please do not send any more hamster food)



The video you see below is the “Down for Maintenance” hamster video which will appear when the site is briefly down for performance upgrades.