Geocaching.com Presents: Love Stories

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Geocaching.com. Get lost in geocaching love! Watch three new Geocaching.com Presents videos about discovering more than just a cache while geocaching. See how the adventure of geocaching brings couples together.

Hear stories about dates involving rappelling for geocaches and weddings listed as Geocaching.com Event Caches. At the end of the video, continue the geocaching love story with another video, and another video. You even have the option to see a great way to propose with geocaching.

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  • Goblincamper2004

    My wife and I actually met very long before we ever knew anything about geocaching, although, we got married in 2001, geocaching hadn’t been around long then, we didn’t find out about geocaching until, 2006, and really didn’t start geocaching until March of 2008. We have been geocaching now for almost 4 years and have met some awesome friends through geocaching.

  • Banjolelegirl

    My husband proposed in his own special geocaches complete with a story that lead up to the key to open the ring!