Geocaching.com Presents: Unlocking Hidden History

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Watch this Geocaching.com Presents video: Unlocking Hidden History. See how the adventure of geocaching reveals a hidden world around you. It happens whether you’ve found a new park, a new viewpoint or unlocked a hidden history.

Go along as two Pennsylvania geocachers lift the veil on the history of a former prison, and discover how similar institutions of reform are found on four continents. Have you ever discovered a hidden history while geocaching?

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  • Lymank

    i love history caches! wish there was a specific category for them

  • Tania

    I love the history too, and have only just started geocaching.  
    What i wann know is how did the couple in this video get the historical information of the prison?  Was it downloadable at the cache site? or was he just reading from a website on a smartphone?

  • Jellis

    I also love to show history to Geocachers. I have a series of caches called LKA. I got the idea and permission to post pictures and the info of the history of Little Known Airfields. Each of my caches in the series tells of the history about the airfield that use to be in area near the cache that no longer exists.