Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – May 30, 2012

Google Maps for Premium Members

Geocaching Premium Members have another powerful option in mapping their geocaching adventures. They can now access Google Maps on Geocaching.com. Google Maps offer extensive global map coverage, a shaded topographical map layer, and high resolution satellite imagery. Premium Members will be able to access Google Maps on the Geocaching.com advanced map. The current selection of maps, including OpenStreetMap and MapQuest, are still available.

The price of a Premium Membership will remain the same. Learn more about the benefits of Premium Membership, which also include custom searches, sorting search results by Favorite Points, and robust find statistics. Sign up for a Premium Membership for as little as $2.50 per month.

  • Susan Kelley

    This is a great new feature!!!!!!!

  • EcuaDeb

    Oh thank goodness. It was miserable without it!

  • Andy Perkins

    “New feature” being the feature we had for years until they scrubbed it? ūüėČ

    Glad to see it back.

  • Cachekidz

    Glad to have Google Maps back and glad we are Premium Members

  • Thank God it’s back!! With the other maps we were unable to zoom into our area very far and this made route recons a PAIN. Google undoubtedly has the best mapping available.

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  • thank you!

  • Azjimklein

    YEAH! ¬†I HATED Mapqwest; it didn’t show major trails such as the Peavine here in Prescott AZ.

  • Whew, I thought Google Maps were back to stay as the only option, but luckily you can still switch back to OpenStreetMap using the “Set Map Preferences” button there!

  • Terry Cameron

    Thank you! The best maps out there!

  • vandusenc

    This is nice to see.¬† There’s no reason the Google maps shouldn’t be limited to Premium members.¬† It gives some added value to having¬†the membership.

  • Ali Khan 89

    parsian gulf 4 ever remeber guys ok ????????????!!!