Geocacher Finds Lost Child

Mark Case on the day he found the lost girl

In the last 30 days 6.9 million logs were submitted on Geocaching.com. Most of the logs claimed a “Found it,” followed by details of a caching adventure. Or the logs gave a story about the cache that got away under the banner of a “DNF” (Did Not Find).

But Mark Case’s (markcase) June 19 log gives “Found it” a new, more powerful, meaning. Mark was searching for the North Carolina, USA EarthCache “The Sauratown Mountains” (GC1G4Py).

His “Found it” log entry began with, “Wow. How do I start this log? This cache has to be one that I will always remember.”

Mark not only found the information to claim a smiley on the EarthCache – he also found a lost girl.

His log reads, “I passed a very nice stream bed on the way up to the summit. On the way down, as I got closer and closer to the stream, I heard a child crying. When I got to the stream, I found an 8 year-old girl alone and crying. She was lost and had no idea where she was.”

Mark quickly devised a plan. He had been involved with scouting for nearly 40 years. He says he discovered geocaching in 2010 at the Boy Scout National Jamboree. He got hooked. Mark learned plenty about geocaching with nearly 4,500 finds in two years. Mark sets memorable locations in his GPS device as waypoints. Following a waypoint he’d just set, Mark was able to lead the girl to a nearby campsite with a pay phone. There had been no cell phone coverage.

He wrote, “She was tired and scared. I wound up giving her a ride on my shoulders most of the way. When I offered to let her wear my hat, she stopped crying. When I got to the pay phone, I dialed 911 and told them I had a lost girl and where I found her. A ranger showed up within about 15 minutes.” It turned out the girl had been missing for three hours. She’d followed the stream collecting rocks, until she was far past her parents. She was reunited with her parents shortly after. Mark says he never ever got the family’s name.

Mark Case geocaching

Mark finished his log with this, “Does Geocaching make a difference? It did today. I’ll always remember this hike and cache.”

Mark says one of his other memorable caching experience was topping a peak with his wife as she was rehabilitating after knee surgery. He says he likes sharing his caching experiences with fellow cachers, like reaching that peak, or finding a lost girl.

Mark says geocachers also share a common trait, “Most cachers operate on the “Do Right” philosophy.  Do what is right.  I like that in my fellow cachers.”




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    big up !!!

  • Just awesome! Well done Mark!

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    Way to Go!!

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    wow that is great story.  You are a hero:) 

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    I have had the pleasure of caching with Mark and this doesn’t surprise me. He’s a science teacher as well. Good job Mark!

  • Team Pawz

    Great story! Our geocaching friends have a similar story where they found and rescued a man with disabilities lost in the desert. Nothing better then happy endings 🙂

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    Such a positive image for Scouting and Geocaching.  Thanks!!!

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    Great story, enjoyed it… Good for you Mark… Thats REAL Cachin’

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    What a wonderful story. I know the parents must still be in shock and grateful. I’ve found most geocachers to be like Mark obviously is; nice folks, and good citizens.

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    Amazing! This article makes me very proud to be a Boyscout!

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    This is an awesome story and I just want to say “thank you, Mark” for taking care of this little gal. Geocaching leads to so many new things and you are so right in saying that TRUE GEOCACHERS are those that do the right thing and provide caches to places they want others to experience. Glad you had this experience but do hope it’s your ine and only of this type.

    Happy Caching!  Thanks too for being a science teacher!

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    The world needs more geocachers ! 🙂
    Good job man

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    Wow! I ever new, Geocachers can be heroes 😉

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    Wonderful Story! Thanks for sharing, and for being a good person!

  • Amazing story – thanks for sharing and thanks from every parent who has, even for a few moments, known the terror of having lost sight of their child!

  • That’s just great. As I always say: “We’re geocachers. We’re a bunch of good people.” I’m proud to belong to this group of people that do these kind of things. Well done.

    On a side note, and being fundamental… Mark should have traded up! After all, he brought a child, he should at least leave an adult. 😉

    That’s really a joke, even if it’s a poor attempt at it.
    Take care. Have fun geocaching!

  •  great Mark & great history 🙂

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    For sure an excellent nominee for Geocacher Of The Month 🙂

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    New creedo: Cache in, trash and lost little girls out.

    Well done.

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    PLEASE… PLEASE… Verify ALL stories before publishing things like this.  Hanging Rock State Park 336-593-8480

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    AGAIN… PLEASE check out stories like this before publishing them… Hanging Rock State Park 336-593-8480.  The State Troopers would NEVER be involved… that is a QUOTE from the supervisor of the Park Rangers at Hanging Rock State Parks. The supervisor of the Park Rangers was working that day and he ASSURED me that such an incident NEVER happened.

  • My husband was caching on his motorcycle, in a remote area south of Atlanta, GA, when he found a small dog that had been left out there to fend for itself. He made an effort to find its owner but to no avail. :o( He tucked the little thing (mini Dachsund) into his motorcycle jacket and drove the 40+ miles home without incident (they were both pretty brave, imho!). We never did find out who left her there but she turned out to be a huge blessing to our next door neighbors who adopted her!

    Geocaching leads to yet another happy ending, with more than one smiley! :o)

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    Again… I must say… PLEASE verify stories like this before posting them.  Hanging Rock State Park 336-593-8480

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    Way to go Mark!

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    Wonderful story!  We’re proud of you Mark!  

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    While hiking for a 2.5/4 on St Patricks Day, a fellow cacher and I found a dog in a recreational area.  Soon we realized she was not out for a day of fun herself, but had been abandoned, and was pregnant.  Fortunately our local humane society (which I volunteer with) was able to place her and the pups in their adoption program.  I am happy to report today that all but 2 have been adopted!  Its good when it all works out!

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    Kudos to Mark!  Great find!

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    Fantastic, Mark.  You “did right” for sure, and I am sure that there is a family out there that is happy beyond belief.  Very proud of you.

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    I nominate Mark for Geocacher of the Month!

  • Nobody at the park is aware of this incident.  The supervisor of the Park Rangers says this incident did not occur.  The State Troopers control traffic and highway incidents, not lost children.  The Park Rangers are quick to say they would NEVER involve the State Troopers in an incident at the park.  You can verify these heroics at Hanging Rock State Park (336) 593-8480.  Please report your findings back to the world… oh wait, I already did… THIS STORY IS FABRICATED.

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    If what CThomas says is correct, all of us that think Mark is a hero and Good Scouter, might feel silly if this story is fabricated, can someone please verify, as if it is not true, Mark should be banned from this blog site!!

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    Wow, what a great story.
    And Mark is a model for what you should do. And this found is epic for anyone involved. Awesome!

  • much less impressive story – but in the same direction: Last weekend I went caching with my wife and son in Berlin/Germany. It was a sunny day, so on any other site we met fellow cachers. Arriving at

    GC3K4MQ we found a bagpack in the forest just beside the cache containing (among other things) purse, money, credit cards and the access card to Berlin’s youth correctiomn facility/prison. While wondering what to do, some other cachers arrived and we decided to wait some minutes for the owner, who arrived and was obviously relieved to find his belongings.Geocachers do care!@markcase: Well done! It’s a shame, that he never ever got the family’s nameTake care!Craggan

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    Way to go Mark!

  • Bev… there is nothing true about the lost girl story… Call the Park Rangers and verify this for yourself… Hanging Rock State Park (336) 593-8480

  • Pam Imholz

    I have yet to meet a geocacher that was not friendly, honest, caring and a “do-righter” KUDOS to Mark. WELL DONE and yes, I think every one of us in this community would have done the same.

  • Gareth

    course, his current log has a lot of this information edited out. I wonder why. Reading further… There are some logs about this story not being true. I do not know one way or another, but perhaps the blog should remove reference to this if not sure if true or not. 

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    If she have a dog tag trackable around her neck and you could discover her.. LOL Great job.. it’s proud to be a cacher you never know what you will find on your next adventure.

  • It’s nice to read people are not yet replaced by GPS devices aimed at determining location, etc. Still i believe people are more experienced and lucky to find what is expected.