Geocaching.com Caption Contest 34 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION –   I know the hint said the cache was in a ‘breathtaking spot’ but this isn’t quite what I was expecting. –catflowers

Ever had a geocaching day like this? Enter your most creative caption for this picture to win a ‘barely coveted prize’ in the 34th Geocaching.com Caption Contest. This picture was originally posted on the official Geocaching.com Facebook page. Special thanks to geocacher Arjan Voskamp for use of the picture.

Barely coveted prize

What caption would you write for the picture at the top of this post? Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching.com username in all entries. Then, explore the captions other geocachers have posted.

You’re encouraged to try to ‘influence’ the voting process (*nudge*nudge*). “Like” the caption that you think should win. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Lackeys vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

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The winner receives this month’s vintage ‘barely coveted prize.” It’s all the collectable pieces of the 2011 Geocaching Block Party Challenges course. Join us this year for the 2012 Geocaching Block Party in Seattle, Washington.

More than a dozen Lackeys voted to award the winner of the 33rd Geocaching.com Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. Click on the image to your right to read the winning caption of that contest.

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  • Maddie Kartoz

    Shoot! Dropped my pen.

  • Wfsept

    Is that the cache or is that just another fish?

  • stevenw54

    Why should I worry about being inconspicuous?  – Stevenw54


  • deadliestcachers

    Maybe if I look inconspicuous, my wife won’t notice that I’m out geocaching instead of doing the yard work.

  • Geocachers do it underwater.

  • CSavvy

    Dammit…..i wanna sign this log, but I dropped my Pen!

  • Where is my GPS ??

  • pipigrl

    Blub, blubb, blubb.
    Whblub, whblub, thblub,
    blub, blub, blub
    Blub Blub

  • tishman

    With a geocache name of “Sleeps with the fishes.” what would you expect?

  • felixmycat


  • Piperstarwixom

    That moment when you find out what it means when it says “Extreme geocaching”


  • Lino

    The GPSr said the cache is 3 metres south. South means down, right?

  • TeamSpags


  • Twisted Lemons


    Twisted Lemons