Weekly Newsletter – August 8, 2012

Write a Log to Remember

Some logs posted on offer only a snapshot into the geocaching adventure, but great logs produce a panoramic view of the geocaching quest. Great logs inform other geocachers of what they might expect on their caching adventure. They also reward cache owners, who enjoy reading about the experiences of those seeking their caches.

Share your experience beyond a TFTC (Thanks for the Cache) or TNLN (Took Nothing Left Nothing) log by following these 5 tips:

1) See it and Say it – Describe what you saw and experienced on your way to the cache. Did you see a rare bird, a hidden waterfall, or George Clooney? Tell folks about it.
2) Be a Superhero – If there are new conditions in the area, like a fallen tree, warn other cachers.
3) Talk about Trades – Tell people what is in the cache container along with what you took and what you left.
4) Shout Out for the Cache Owner – Thank the cache owner for placing the cache.
5) Learn from Others – As part of the Lost and Found promotion in 2010, we asked people to nominate great geocaching logs. Read the nominations here.

Cache owners can reward those who write great logs by sending them a thank you email through their profile.

Are you ready to go geocaching now? Visit to find your next cache, and put your new log writing tips to use!