• let’s start with something “CHALLENGE” -ing 😉

  • kotare


  • kotare


  • benchmarks, regular, muggle, multi, light pole, Garmin, Magellan, geocoin, travel bug, trackables, gear?, easy, souvenirs

  • mega

  • challenges

  • micro

  • lumbricus


  • waymark, Google, puzzle, field, cache, places, Wherigo, Lowrance, lackey, logbook, GSAK, guardrail, CITO

  • radioscout

    Kram. Ther German word for stuff (SWAG).

  • radioscout

    Kram. The German word for stuff (SWAG).

  • MajhasTeam

    I found 25 plus 5 other possibly unrelated words. Still looking for the other eight or three that I missed. Places, souvenirs, muggle, magellan, lightpole, geocoin, google, field, lowrance, sun, groundspeak, logbook, lackey, guardrail, challenges, puzzle, swag, gear, caches, regular, garmin, benchmarkds, travelbug, trackables, (the odd 5 room, real, loves, hear, goes) What am I missing??

  • megadox


  • I’m up to 35 so far, though I included a couple words, such as EMS and Google that are mostly relevent to my unique caching style. 😉

  • dogbomb

    @a5defcdc5905c21ee3f8d300c67d64dd:disqus : missing Multi and Signal.

  • megadox


  • megadox

    gloves ?

  • muggle, Garmin, geocoin, guardrail, lightpole, mega, micro, nano, regular, multi, Magellan, Lowrance, gloves, logbook, trackable, lackey, Wherigo, puzzle, places, Google, signal, travelbug, GPS, souvenir, Groundspeak, benchmark, waymark, challenges, swag, notes, cache,
    field, gear ???

  • Benchmarks, Cache, Challenges, Cito, Easy, Field, Garmin, Geocoin, Google, GPS, Groundspeak, GSAK, Guardrail, Lackey, Light pole, Logbook, Lowrance, Magellan, Mega, Micro, Muggle, Multi, Nano, Notes, Places, Puzzle, Regular, Signal, Souvenirs, SWAG, Trackables, Travelbug, Waymark and Wherigo.

  • goblincamper2004

    Here is the list that was able find in the word search.
    Muggle, Garmin, Magellan, Groundspeak, Geocoin, Guardrail, Micro, Multi, Nano, Regular, Places, Benchmarks, Waymark, Wherigo, Challenges, Travel Bug, Trackables, Signal, Google, Puzzle, Lackey, Cache, Notes, Gloves, Light Pole, Lowrance, Log Book Souvenir, GPS, Mega, Swag, Field, Gear

  • Manja2

    All of the above plus these ones…Earth, easy

  • Sjengen

    Found the same as goblincamper2004. Took me some time. Like it.

  • O melg@

    muggle,notes,nano, regular, multi, travelbug, lightpole, gz, geocoin, trackable, magellan, google,garmin, gloves, gear, pleaces, logbook, signal, guardrail, puzzle, waymark, lackey, challenges, wherigo, lowrance, cache, gps, cito, easy, swag, souvenirs, groundspeak, gsak, field, benchmarks, micro, mega,

  • radioscout

    ZOEK: “Op zoek naar”: Dutch for “to search for”.