Announcing the 2013 Cache In Trash Out Weekend

Cache In Trash Out Weekend

CITO FINAL LGWe hear it all the time, “Geocachers are the nicest people!” It’s a wonderful compliment that good-hearted geocachers have earned for over a decade. Cache In Trash Out (CITO) weekend is just another example of geocachers giving back. Since 2002, tens of thousands of geocachers have cleaned up parks, trails and other geocaching-friendly destinations. Geocachers plan CITO events year round, but one weekend each year the global geocaching community unites to cleanup tons of trash together.

Texas CITO 4
CITO Event in Texas

The 11th Annual CITO weekend is scheduled for April 20, 21, and 22 2013. There will be hundreds of events to attend in dozens of countries, but if there’s not one in your area, it’s time to gather your friends and create your own CITO Event. Be sure to check the CITO Event calendar for gatherings near you.

Those attending CITO Events on April 20, 21 or 22 (or all three!) will earn a 2013 CITO Souvenir for their Geocaching profile. Thanks for keeping the geocaching a community one of the nicest groups of people out there![Editor’s note: This video is spoken in German and Czech. Click the CC button for English, German or Czech subtitles.]

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  • wantsky

    I’m quite sure there’s a mistake in the article. Since the weekend is 20-22, also an attended CITO event on 22nd will bring a souvenir. Am I correct?

  • Thanks for the comment! Yes… April 20-22 those who log an “Attended” for a CITO event will earn the souvenir… and they’ll also earn a good feeling for helping clean up the environment.

  • Cache on Wheels

    We are looking forward to hosting our first event which will be a CITO in Dorset, UK 🙂

  • friesede

    What about those who host (as an owner) a CITO event, do they also earn the souvenir? or do they have to log an attend at thier own event? I want to host a CITO south of Hamburg, Germany.

  • guaneri

    To be honest everybody shall get a souvenir who attend a CITO EVENT in 2013 not just on this weekend in april. It`s because of the social aspect, if cachers spend their time to collect waste and to do something (in my opinion very important for the enviroment), everybody should be honored for this 😀

    We have our CITO on 6. April.

  • We are hosting one on 20/4/13 & 1/6/13 to celebrate 10th anniversary of the Geocaching Association of Great Britain & Ireland 🙂
    Very much looking forward to it.

  • i didn’t get mine until i logged attended and i hosted the event. of course one should log you attended your own events too, but i think you should get it on the day for hosting one – even if you can’t make it, because you ave gone to the effort of organising one – what do others think?

  • DeorcRegnboga

    we don’t have CITO event in Jakarta 🙁