Geocaching Year in Review

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Watch the new Geocaching Year in Review video to see the geocaching highlights of 2012.

With geocaches found more than 68 million times in 2012, last year could be called the Year of “Found it.” And that’s just caches—thousands of geocachers spent Leap Day, International Geocaching Day and 12-12-12 attending events, meeting other geocachers, along with finding geocaches. We also watched our community grow to new heights as you shared the adventure of geocaching with friends and family.

2012 Leap Day celebration
2012 Leap Day celebration

We’re excited about what’s ahead in 2013. We’re approaching two million active geocaches. That’s two million adventures for you to explore almost anywhere in the world. You’ll also see advancements across Geocaching.com and on the Geocaching apps. Check out the new video to see where we’ve been and where we’re headed – and tell us what’s on your geocaching wish list for 2013 below in comments.

And don’t forget to log your “will attend” for the 2013 Geocaching Block Party on August 17 in Seattle!

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  • I am starting my cache a day for a year challenge. I don’t know how this year can beat last year in the caching department. I met my number one (balkamper13) at a caching event in January 2012, took mu first ever caching trip in April to the 4 corners and cached on the corner of winslow AZ.Got my 500 th cache in Las Vegas named after my Grandmother. Hosted my first event and now addicted to hosting events. Cached on leap year and 12-12-12. Started our caching blog. Made countless friends. Nominated Balkmamper13 for Cacher of the month and he won. Then ended the year caching in Southern Utah and Vegas. Oh and can’t forget CSI series we started. Amazing year. I can only hope next year will be half as good. Happy Caching

  • I am new to geocaching and the island I live at, Saipan, Mariana islands in the Pacific ocean, is yet to develop as a geocaching destination. So my goal this year will be to hide as many caches as I can to help turn our island into a “must-stop-and-cache” place. I am also looking into organizing events and work with the local media to spread the word about geocaching and its benefits locally.

  • Irishboi81

    I hid a cache over a month and a half ago and you have yet to publish it so everyone can find it

  • hydnsek

    Great video, as always, despite the lack of hamsters. Special props to Jon for the WSGA shirt! 😉

  • YukonShadow

    My wish for 2013 is to find more caches this year than we did last year but mostly to have Virtuals return to Geocaching! Also allow me to seek a cache with a name/word and confine the search area to a certain geographic area instead of including the entire world.

  • jermir

    someone hass toke my geocaching they murded it

  • jermir

    i realy like this thing

  • jermir

    im going on my xbox