Tips on Geocache Hints



Sometimes geocaching hints create a confusing chorus that doesn’t lead anyone closer to the actual geocache. “Hints” like, “It’s in the obvious place” or “Yes, it’s really there” or “You don’t really need a hint” lead to a little confusion and a lot of shoulder shrugging. The hint shouldn’t spoil the exact location of the geocache, but be should be used as a good clue as to where it can be found. If you’re a geocache hider, consider a clue that would help someone who’s finding their first geocache step closer to the container.

The hint can still be clever and require geocachers to think about their surroundings. If you’re new to geocaching, or even a seasoned pro, sometimes the hint takes a little decoding. Here’s some help:

Tie Your Shoe = Bend down and look at a lower level
Attractive = Magnetic geocache
Troll = Under a bridge
SPOR/UPR = Suspicious Pile of Rocks/Unusual Pile of Rocks
Handyman Special = Magnetic bolt


Do you still have more questions about hints? We’ve got you covered. Another great destination to decipher and share your favorite hints is the Geocaching Facebook page.  Inspire a geocache owner, leave your favorite tips on hints below in comments!

  • anyday4

    My favorite: George W. —
    Answer: bush

  • Autumn

    My favorite hint: The cache name was “My home’s in Alabama,” and the hint was “Change ‘in’ to ‘under.'” Turns out the cache was hidden under a street sign for Alabama Ave. I love it when the hints are clever like that!

  • Cindyluwho53

    My cache is “If I only had a brain”. My hint is Shroom. It’s hidden in this large cement mushroom. You just lift off the shroom cap.

    It is surprising to watch geocachers trying to figure out what a shroom is.

  • Dr. Jinx

    My favorite hint (one I wrote) was: “An arboreal metaphor for ‘don’t have a clue'” (stumped) Other acronyms: I always use URP (unnatural rock pile) and ULP (unnatural log pile).

  • alsterdrache

    Well, you should take into consideration that geocaching is an international game though. Many foreigners travel to English-speaking countries while “English” is not their mother tongue. Therefore, when it’s too cryptic, they might not understand the hint – which is supposed to help, not to confuse. My advice would be to keep it nice and simple. Solutions like “George W.” for a bush are both funny and understandable.

  • el_g

    The hint was ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ and the answer was ‘Under the bridge’ ^___^’

  • Katie

    One I liked that was quite simple, there’s not a Hole lot of places it can be (found in the hole of a benches legs). I love clues that are puns/double meaning.

  • Sheri M

    Here’s one I liked: “Don’t let this one nail you!”