DIY Geocaching Swag



One of the first rules of geocaching involves the matchbox cars, the bouncy balls and the lady bug erasers staring up at you from the bottom of the geocache. That’s geocaching SWAG – or Stuff We All Get. Geocachers trade swag by replacing items in the geocache with something of equal or greater value.

Now you can spread geocaching joy by leaving a trail of customized, do-it-yourself swag in geocaches. Geocachers often leave signature items in each geocache they find. The customswag might be a signed playing card, a crocheted finger puppet, identical erasers or __________ (insert your amazing idea here). Each piece is a sign to other geocachers that you visited the geocache. It’s a great way to build community. Leave a recognizable piece of swag and you will become known by yourswag. Think of it, you could be “Origami Guy” or “Ladybug Lady” or ___________ (‘Insert your amazing idea’ Person”).

Share your ideas for personalized geocaching swag below in comments or on the Geocaching Facebook page.


  • dragon flyer

    I’ve never been able to see the point to cluttering up a cache with stuff that’s presumably meant to stay there rather than be traded for, and why would anyone want someone else’s signature item? Your log in the cache and online is a sign to other geocachers that you visited the geocache if they’re interested…

  • OhMelli

    A LOT of people collect signature items dragon flyer. Perhaps you should start leaving dragons in all your caches! 🙂 I will always trade out for a well manufactured homemade sig item! They’re fun!

  • tdbear

    I’m intrigued… I love making found art, which are pieces you make and leave places for others to find and take or leave as they choose. A book mark say or an artist trading card. Is this the kind of swag you are talking about OhMelli? because if you are, I’m with you. Great idea…