Feast your eyes on these geocaching treats

It’s no secret that the geocaching community is full of creative thinkers—just look at all of those cool caches out there! It should come as no surprise then that geocachers put just as much creativity and care into their cakes, cookies, and cupcakes as they do their geocaches. We think each one of these seven geocaching treats deserves a Favorite point!

The Official Geocake is our new favorite cache type.

Photo credit: pies.only.cake.co (Instagram)

This cake makes reaching geocaching milestones even sweeter!

Photo credit: tracessweets (Instagram)

Been there, logged that!

Photo credit: Charliebird85 (Instagram)

We want to be the First to Find this cake!

Photo credit: The Cakeywakeys (Instagram)

The sweetest World Turtle from Hidden Creatures.

Photo credit: Gloworm77

Who else wants to say “Found it!” to these cupcakes?

Photo credit: @UKgeocacher (Twitter)

This Groundhog Day geocaching treat just might take the cake!

Photo credit: South Alabama Geocachers (Instagram)

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