Latest addition to the Dashboard and Profile makes this project a wrap

Last May we announced that changes were coming to your Profile and Dashboard. However, this release was different. Instead of releasing big changes every few months we wanted to be agile and update features quickly to get them ready for you to play with. We listened to your feedback through surveys and the forums to tweak and adjust pages until they were just right.

Today we’re excited to announce another improvement to your Profile and Dashboard based on your feedback. You can now customize your “/my page” with your own cover image.  To customize your image, visit your Profile Settings and upload a photo in the “Cover Photo” section. The new photo will only appear on the new version of the Profile and Dashboard on web.

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Improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page

Today, we’re excited to announce big improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page! It’s now easier to create cache pages with fewer issues so that caches are published more smoothly. For cache owners who have used the page for a long time, the changes might take some getting used to. But we’re confident that once you’re familiarized with the new page, you’ll find it much easier to get your cache pages ready for the community.

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Win a Magic: The Gathering trackable and discover the golden city of Orazca!

Stake your claim on the golden city of Orazca!

To kick off the excitement of their January launch of Rivals of Ixalan, Magic: The Gathering teamed up with Geocaching to release thousands of trackables to geocachers and fans around the globe!

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Geocaching Last/First Souvenirs

Celebrate the New Year with two new souvenirs

2017 has been a fun year for geocaching: we celebrated 3 Million Active Geocaches, went geocaching around the globe with Where’s Signal the FrogⓇ, and found pirate booty with The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde. But it’s time to start looking ahead.

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