Signal’s packing for Canada and he’s bringing…

A country souvenir for Canada!

Canada has many wonders: diverse landscapes, rich history, and abundance of adventures. Plus, plenty of geocaches near and far to show you every corner of this beautiful country—and now, Canada has the added bonus of being the latest addition to the geocaching country souvenir collection!

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Planning a pirate event? Here lies some helpful ideas!

Avast me hearties! It’s time to plan, for the pirate events must be prepared before the geocachers land! The last day to submit events for July 15 and 16 is July 1, 2017 so start yer planning now so as not to miss out on all the fun!

There are really only three things every geocaching event needs in order to stand out: a theme, entertaining games, and geocachers! Follow some of the pirate themed ideas below and you’ll be leading the crew in no time, Cap’n!

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Gratis Trackable + Preise gewinnen mit Mountain Warehouse!

Mountain Warehouse und die trackbaren Tierfreunde haben sich mit Geocaching zusammengetan, um Dir diesen Sommer das ultimative Geocaching-Abenteuer zu bieten. Besuche ab dem 13. Juni ein teilnehmendes Mountain Warehouse, um Dir ein kostenloses Meryl Sheep, Moose Willis oder Jimmy Talon-Trackable zu holen. Aber nur solange der Vorrat reicht. Knipse ein Foto und teile seine Reise in den sozialen Medien mit den Hashtags #MWGeoTrail #Contest, um tolle Preise zu gewinnen.

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Everything you need to host a great Canada Day event

As the ol’ saying goes, nothing goes better together than geocaching and poutine! Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right but whether separately or together, we do love both.

Canada Day is only a few weeks away and we’re actively planning our events as Signal prepares to travel to Canada on July 1st! The last day to submit your Canada Day events is June 17th. Remember, you can earn the Canada Day 2017 souvenir by attending an event on July 1 or 2, 2017.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help spur some inspiration for your own red-and-white-themed bash.

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Be the First to Find DNF’s in the Geocaching® app

The latest update includes more improvements to core functionality to the Geocaching® app and a few cool additions too…

First up, we’ve added DNF’s to the map! As a new feature to the Geocaching® app, we’re excited to see the caches we missed, so we can get back out there turn those frowns upside down. Once you find a cache you previously DNF’d, the yellow smiley will replace the DNF icon. DNF’s (Did Not Finds) will now have a separate icon making them easy to see on both the map and in Lists.

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