An ode to geocache maintenance

Your first cache is hidden,
Your container is great!
The “Found it” logs are stacking up
And it was fun to create.

Suddenly you get some questions
And a DNF or two.
That experience is unusual,
What should you do?

Open the cache page, and you see
There seems to be some evidence
That it’s time
for cache maintenance!

Grab a replacement log
Maybe a towel or pen
Time to plan a visit to your cache
And see how things have been.

Did your cache get washed away?
Maybe trampled by a gazelle?
If the lid is cracked or the log is full
A visit will surely tell.

The strangest things can happen.
How? No one is sure.
A little care and attention
Will be a good cure.

Once things are in tip-top shape
And your cache is nice and clean
It’s time to tell other players
Of all the things you’ve seen.

Write an “Owner maintenance” log
Since it’s ready to be found
If things changed, let folks know
So they don’t have to ask around.

Three cheers to you!
You deserve an award.
For happiness is a tidy
Cache owner dashboard.

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