Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video Trailer

Lost & Found celebrates ten amazing years of geocaching and it stars YOU!

We’ve spent months uncovering the heartwarming, jaw-dropping and wondrous stories that define the worldwide phenomenon. Here’s a trailer of what’s in store in our Lost & Found series. You’ll see new videos released each week starting this May. Coming soon you’re invited to explore a new Geocaching.com destination dedicated to “discovering the lost stories of geocaching.” You’ll also be able to add your own favorite Lost & Found stories. Let us know what you think!

  • deafdillos

    Exciting trailer… I hope that the video will be captioned for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing like me

  • nighthawk700

    deafdillos, it was captioned for me. Maybe they did it since your post, but if you aren't seeing it, click the “up arrow” on the bottom right corner of the video (while it's playing!), then make sure CC is highlighted. As a Hard-of-hearing cacher myself, thanks to whoever added the captions!!

    I'm looking forward to the series! It'll help out when friends ask me what geocaching is.

  • Captioning now functioning on the trailer. And you bet! Definitely captioning on the video pieces. First one released this upcoming Tuesday.

  • deafdillos

    Big thank for adding captions to the trailer! We are really looking forward
    to see the episode!

    Richard and Natalie

  • when will the full movie be out

  • The Lost & Found videos will be a series of amazing – wait – MIND BLOWING two-three minutes pieces. The first one “Founders” is set for release tomorrow (Tuesday the 18th of May). We're off to Colorado this week to gather more stories. If you have any geocaching story ideas just let me know! Thanks

  • Lost & Found will be a series of exciting – wait – MIND BLOWING – two-three minute videos! The first one is set for release tomorrow! It’s called Founders.

  • PonderandWander

    Thanks so much for the captioning for us deaf or with hearing loss. And the captions don't even cover part of the picture like they do on TV. I have seen, or not watched, so many tapes because I cannot understand what is being said. This is really great.

    However, the pictures on the trailer go so fast that I don't have time to even focus on what the picture is before it is gone to the next one. Can you slow them down, or delete some of them? Such is life as we increase in years and wisdom.

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  • Nova Man

    The CC is awesome as LDA ( Late Deaf adult) I really appreciate it !!!Thanks