Epic Geocaching SWAG – A Journey Inside the HQ Cache

Lackey Mike (SanNiccolo14) models what might be the best SWAG ever.

I’m always struggling to impress the Lackeys behind the reception desk here at Groundspeak with amazing and bizarre facts.  It almost never works.  They tend to trump me.  But yesterday was suppose to be different.  Unfortunately, what you’re about to read unfolded instead.

Another Lackey had just provided me with some series and unimaginable conversation ammunition.

I walked up inflated by this powerful factual nugget and stood before Sara (Gonzogrrl) and Nicole (Louie Bliss). We locked eyes. Then I just blurted it out.  “Guess what? You can buy scented bowling balls! They have cherry, vanilla, even blueberry…”  I exhaled.  “Can you believe it?!?!?”

Lackeys Sara (Gonzogrrl) and Nicole (Louie Bliss) at the reception desk

Then… nothing, not a word.

What followed was an eerie combination of  blank stares, awkward blinking and a long unfilled void of silence.  The sun rose. The sun set.  Trees outside changed colors.  The seasons marched on.

Then Sara finally spoke.  “Oh yeah, look at this.”

HQ Cache

She walked over to the treasure chest cache inside HQ.  She reached into the cache and pulled out a knitted hat. But no, this was no normal mocha colored knitted hat.  A full beard and mustache was also knitted onto the hat.

CaityPa modeling her creation
CaityPa modeling her creation

CaityPa knitted and placed, what will now be referred to as “The-Best-Lumberjack-Knitted-Cap-Swag-Ever,” in the cache just last week.  It’s a powerful fashion statement, modeled at the top of this post by Lackey Mike (SanNiccolo14).

But it begs the question, what’s the best swag you’ve ever encountered?  Any other knitted hat/bread combos out there?

It’ll be tough to dethrone The-Best-Lumberjack-Knitted-Cap-SWAG-Ever, but give it a go.  Post the story of your best SWAG find ever in the comments section below.

P.S. – This is also a cautionary tale.  We can learn something here.  You never know where the conversation will take you, when you start by talking about blueberry-scented bowling balls.  Beware.

  • Sue

    great story. Restores my faith in SWAG! My best was a home made pair of earrings one side had I LOVE GEO the other CACHING. in lettered beads. I wear them to all my meet and greet places and rallys. Everyone admires them. NCC (North County Cachers) RV Paces (Carlsbad, CA)

  • carpecachem

    MONEY! So far, that is. Found a $1 bill and a buuuuunch of change. And they said caching doesn't pay!

  • The best bit of swag I ever found were some plastic kiddie rings with “diamonds” about 1.5″ across. I use them in a lot of my photos as TheOutdoorPrincess

  • PJ-FredX-Tuck

    Er….that hat is crocheted, not knitted 😉 Cute though.

  • Good call PJ-FredX-Tuck! Glad you like the post.

  • geofinder24

    I don't know, but I'd love to see a knitted hat/BREAD combo!!! That's hilarious!!!

  • Muddyfrogs

    I own a scented bowling ball, and use it at least twice weekly. My high game is a 275 with it. It smells like a cherry lifesaver. It smashes pins like a tank full of drunken rhinos.

  • Lone R

    Give us the pattern. That bearded hat is uber cool!

  • excellent points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

    – Norman

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