24 Hour “Epic Adventure” Nets More Than a 1100 Geocaches

foomanjoo, f0t0m0m and Steve from Ventura_Kids along the Alien Highway


What about 2010 will you remember in the next decade, or even next year?  The answer to that question is easy enough for a group of close friends and geocachers from the West Coast.  F0t0m0m, Foomanjoo and Ventura_Kids found 1157 geocaches in Nevada in a span of just 24 hours. This is the highest number of geocaches to be found in a 24-hour period.

Screen-shot from the E.T. highway

The four geocachers (Ventura_Kids is a team of two) spent 24 straight hours geocaching on September 27, 2010. They all piled into one vehicle to track down geocache after geocache on a power trail known as the Alien Highway. In an interview with “Latitude 47,” Steve from the Ventura_Kids said the memory of those fast-paced hours will last for years. But the world record of 1157 geocaches in  24 hours that they set may not last that long.

Latitude 47: I think a lot of people will simply say “Why?” Why attempt the world record?

Ventura_Kids: Because it’s FUN!!! When we heard about the Alien Highway, we were thrilled. There were 1021 geocaches all in a row and each were just over 528 feet apart. We decided it would be an “EPIC” adventure and we would remember it for years.

Latitude 47: What was your total? You held the previous world record. How much did you break your previous record by this time?

Ventura_Kids: We found 1157 geocaches in 24 hours. Our previous record was 566 finds….but Sandy broke her leg on that run.

Latitude 47: Did you use all 24 hours?

Ventura_Kids: Sandy and Steve

Ventura_Kids: Yes. We found 1,108 caches in 18 hours along the main Extraterrestrial Highway segment. We also found 20 caches in the first two hours on the way to the E.T. Highway, and 29 caches in the 4 hours following the main run, until the clock expired. We geocached on the Alien Highway in Nevada, from Alamo to Tonopah. We only stopped to add gasoline to our fuel tank, using the 5 gallon cans we brought with us (“wasting” about 40 minutes).

Latitude 47: What’s your advice for those considering a record run like this?

Ventura_Kids: Choose your team carefully, and remember to enjoy yourselves out there. Be safe.

Latitude 47: What do you say to those who say, “It’s not about the numbers?”

Ventura_Kids: It’s ALL about the numbers. Everyone follows them differently. As an example; I still haven’t completed even one Delorme challenge, and we have over 24,000 finds. Geocaching has something for everyone. Play it your way, and enjoy the journey.

Latitude 47: If your record is broken would you attempt to regain the record?

Ventura_Kids: Certainly. We love this type of geocaching.

What geocaching memories are you going to remember next year and in ten years?