24 Hour “Epic Adventure” Nets More Than a 1100 Geocaches

foomanjoo, f0t0m0m and Steve from Ventura_Kids along the Alien Highway


What about 2010 will you remember in the next decade, or even next year?  The answer to that question is easy enough for a group of close friends and geocachers from the West Coast.  F0t0m0m, Foomanjoo and Ventura_Kids found 1157 geocaches in Nevada in a span of just 24 hours. This is the highest number of geocaches to be found in a 24-hour period.

Screen-shot from the E.T. highway

The four geocachers (Ventura_Kids is a team of two) spent 24 straight hours geocaching on September 27, 2010. They all piled into one vehicle to track down geocache after geocache on a power trail known as the Alien Highway. In an interview with “Latitude 47,” Steve from the Ventura_Kids said the memory of those fast-paced hours will last for years. But the world record of 1157 geocaches in  24 hours that they set may not last that long.

Latitude 47: I think a lot of people will simply say “Why?” Why attempt the world record?

Ventura_Kids: Because it’s FUN!!! When we heard about the Alien Highway, we were thrilled. There were 1021 geocaches all in a row and each were just over 528 feet apart. We decided it would be an “EPIC” adventure and we would remember it for years.

Latitude 47: What was your total? You held the previous world record. How much did you break your previous record by this time?

Ventura_Kids: We found 1157 geocaches in 24 hours. Our previous record was 566 finds….but Sandy broke her leg on that run.

Latitude 47: Did you use all 24 hours?

Ventura_Kids: Sandy and Steve

Ventura_Kids: Yes. We found 1,108 caches in 18 hours along the main Extraterrestrial Highway segment. We also found 20 caches in the first two hours on the way to the E.T. Highway, and 29 caches in the 4 hours following the main run, until the clock expired. We geocached on the Alien Highway in Nevada, from Alamo to Tonopah. We only stopped to add gasoline to our fuel tank, using the 5 gallon cans we brought with us (“wasting” about 40 minutes).

Latitude 47: What’s your advice for those considering a record run like this?

Ventura_Kids: Choose your team carefully, and remember to enjoy yourselves out there. Be safe.

Latitude 47: What do you say to those who say, “It’s not about the numbers?”

Ventura_Kids: It’s ALL about the numbers. Everyone follows them differently. As an example; I still haven’t completed even one Delorme challenge, and we have over 24,000 finds. Geocaching has something for everyone. Play it your way, and enjoy the journey.

Latitude 47: If your record is broken would you attempt to regain the record?

Ventura_Kids: Certainly. We love this type of geocaching.

What geocaching memories are you going to remember next year and in ten years?

  • Congratulations guys; truly amazing! My record is three in one day, watch out 🙂

    Geocaching.com ID: dbin78

  • Awesome job. Would love details on how exactly you pulled this off. That’s roughly 1 cache every 1.24 minutes. Amazing.

  • ventura_kids

    We went really fast for 24 hours….. It’s not too tough to find and log 50 geocaches in an hour when they are all on one side of a road and easy to find. The tough part was surviving the entire day and night without giving up the entire thing. There are tons of great stories on E.T. #001 (GC2551A). That’s the first geocache in the crazy Alien Highway series in Nevada.

  • dreadrea

    Congrats FMJ, perhaps next time?? yikes guys….

  • Clan RunningBison

    Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! I’m curious about the “how” of a record like this…does each person sign each log individually…does the “team” sign each log individually or place a sticker on each log, or do the various members of the team find four caches at a time and keep moving along the trail? Or, is there another method(s) used to rack up such amazing numbers in so short a time frame? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a “to each his/her own” kind of guy when it comes to geocaching…I’m just curious about the methods used. We often hear about “certain ways” that power cachers can accomplish numbers like this but no one ever seems to elaborate on those methods. Can you guys help us mere caching mortals? 😉

  • ventura_kids

    If you look on E.T. 001 you will see that over 1500 geocachers have made the epic journey to complete this series. Some have travelled from other countries to try this crazy type of power or speed caching. We chose to do the entire series in one car, and we used stickers with the group name on them in order to save a bit of signing time, and logsheet space.

  • Robin

    Oh it would be a great idea to fill up my statistic and to get experience.
    Maybe i’ll have the chance to visit the USA and find the great caches which are hidden there.

  • Deermark

    Steve said it all. Geocaching is all about doing it you way. Congrats guys.

  • Sticks & SkaryShari

    Great job guys… We were out there a couple days before you. We had a great time as well and will remember this adventure for a long time. Everybody should do this run, not just for numbers, but for the adventure, the scenery, the colorful people that you’ll meet etc… GO FOR IT. ET Hwy Rocks.

    Sticks & SkaryShari

  • I thought power trails weren’t allowed… Obviously I am wrong.
    Does sound like a fun journey though.

  • Jberding

    Geocaching has become nothing but a compatition for the biggest numbers. With more and more meaningless powertrails covering the hyways there will come a time when local goverment will step in and cosiderer this to be no more than littering and ban geocaches from being placed on public property.

  • Help_agency

    IreVo Team is struck speechless and cordially congratulates all 4 brave musketeers!

  • andrewceturner

    Been there, done that. 😀

  • frisbee’r

    Sorry team California ……. we did the 1021 caches in 10:45 elapsed time excluding an hour of breaks. In the sleet, rain, and snow, and below freezing temperatures we did accomplish this task from the bed of a 1 ton diesel truck with a 35 gallon fuel tank. Read all about it from Nov. 7th and a wrapup on Nov. 13th. It takes planning and that’s the challenge. These film cans are a means to keep focused. Considering Head Alien and some nearby caches …… add another 65 in 3 hours. So …… do the arithmetic. We didn’t know about any record so….. who.cares.

    We brought 400 film cans with us containing logs. We replaced 250 damaged logs and containers. We created the “boneyard” at the Little A’le’ Inn in Rachel, giving them two buckets of 400 containers for others to draw upon. This power road is doing good things for the economy in Rachel. Those are the pluses.

    What is not is the impact on SR 375 (E.T. Highway) and US 6 which is an early indicator of the death of Geocaching along urban and rural highways and the abuse in city, county and state parks, not to mention caches being placed within 150′ of homes, and the infamous approval of caches during hours of darkness and flashlight mobs. Geocaching has regressed to skirt lifters, power sub-stations, electrical transformers, and guardrails along streets and highways, many without adequate parking. State and Federal DOT workers are picking up the film cans by the dozens. I give Geocaching 1 chance in 3 of surviving over the next 3 years. Power roads are NOT geocaching adventures. You don’t need a GPS to find 95% of the film cans except when it starts snowing up there in 4850 – 5800′ elevation. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t conceive of these gravy trains existing in the Pacific Northwest. Then, who would want them.

  • LadyLaurie

    Congratulations! I’m forwarding this link to my husband and I know where he will want to go this summer.

  • Echo Six Charlie

    Wow, I can’t even begin to imagine how many wonderful places will never get a cache in it because of this “power trail”. Geocaching is often described as a modern day treasure hunt… when did signing your name on a piece of paper become a treasure? It has been months since I took anything from a cache, but still I think the option should always be there. Film canisters up and down a highway… sounds like a lot of litter too me.


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  • Ventura_Kids

    The Alien highway is currently covered with snow. If you are planning on going up there, dress warm.

  • Jimmy007

    man man kann man langeweile haben…

  • Dc

    If this is fun you guys should come to Ulm, Germany. Here are some of the best caches in the world. For one (Schatz der Ulmer) you need between 6 and 12 hours. Its only one point but its more fun than sitting in the car and write your name on a paper. Geocaching should be quality not quantity!

  • Team Geo-Rangers

    We found 1564 caches along the same ET Highway on 4 September 2011 for our new personal best. 

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  • Bobby_Peru

    This is obviously not geocaching in the “normal” sense of the word. There is no way one single person could reach such numbers in 24 hours – it’s pure mathematics. Of course, as a team effort it’s “easier” (albeit still quite the challenge), but doing it that way is not in accordance with the guidelines. Every member (also the driver) should sign the log individually, and the caches should be found one at a time.

    For the mathematics: Just driving the 161 meters from one cache to the next takes a certain amount of time. Additionally, each member of the team needs some time to get out of and into the car. And of course, even if all caches are hidden in obvious places, it will still take some time to find it, open it, sign it and replace it, and the number of cachers will of course increase the time spent. If I understand this story correctly, 1108 of the caches found during this record, was logged in just 18 hours. That leaves a mere 58,48 seconds per cache. I find it very unlikely that this is possible geocaching the traditional way.

  • Fryfly321

    That’s awesome me and my friend are planning a run of caches this week around London ontario Canada. I highly doubt that we will beat this number but we are super excited about our personal challenge

  • Dave

    So did finding the 1100 geocaches mean that each person split up and found his own and the other two just added his finds to their total? If so then this record doesn’t count