“Accessible Geocaching” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Kevin Berg, kberg31974, will tell you he’s not the best person to gauge the accessibility of geocaches.  Kevin says he often takes his wheelchair where it was never designed to go.  The computer consultant has spent most of his life confined to a wheelchair due to the neurological condition  Cerebral Palsy.  The disorder doesn’t define Kevin.  He’s a father, college graduate, entrepreneur and geocacher.

Geocacher Kevin Berg (kberg31974)

Watch “Accessible Geocaching,” a Geocaching.com Lost & Found video, to experience the joy of inclusive geocaching. Kevin, his wife and other mobility impaired geocachers search for geocaches with a terrain rating of one on a five-star scale.

Hear why those who place the one star difficulty caches believe that these geocaches serve the whole geocaching community.

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  • Sbolton

    Hmm, C:Geo featured in a video on groundspeak….

  • go team Berg!! Totally awesome!

  • Anonymous

    My son was born a year ago with spina bifida. It also confines many of those who were born with it to wheel chairs, but my son is a miracle and may walk eventually. Despite his expected ability to walk, I’ve thought about trying to do some accessible caches in thinking of others with his condition, but I honestly have hesitated because I am not creative enough.
    Happy caching, Kevin! And you are a great inspiration!