“Creative Geocaches” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

WARNING: This video and blog contain spoilers.

Peter Gaylord has a reputation in the geocaching community. He’s know for his jaw-dropping creative hides. Peter goes by the Geocaching.com username Dayspring. He says it best: “Creative geocachers literally think outside the ammo can.”

Unlocking the creative caches may require figuring out how to “make your GPS device go blank” or following the sounds of a phantom doorbell.

Watch as Dayspring and other geocachers like Trez* and goblindust, show you the secrets of creative caches. There are spoilers in the Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video. But the geocachers hope the spoilers inspire other geocachers to think outside the ammo can too.

These pictures of creative geocaching hides to your right are from the Geocaching.com Facebook page. Upload your pics and video of your favorite creative caches to the Geocaching.com Facebook page. Please make sure to ask the cache owner for permission.

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  • Joshism

    Very creative caches! Loved Totally Tubular III – a geocache with a motor in it.

  • hydnsek

    Dayspring and goblindust are two of my favorite hiders. I’m lucky to live in their caching zone, and glad to see them get well-deserved recognition here!

  • MountainMike #55

    Some ideas for some caches that I’m going to hide. Loved the video! THANKS!!!

  • Cachebrewer

    Awesome hides! I got exited, because the first of the video says Lake Lanier, Ga. Thought all these awesome hides were closeby! What a dissapointment.

  • Pilot searcher

    My kind of Geocaching!! I prefer doing “Creative” cache containers, not just another “Bison Tube” or lock-n-lock. It’s still nice to get a few park-n-grabs though to boost the numbers and the ego! New cachers need a few easy ones to get the fell of it , before tackling these inventive containers.

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  • Annathomas

    Kudos to these two cachers and others like them. They make geocaching the exciting game that it is. Your imagination and hard work is appreciated and enjoyed by so many people. This video inspires me to one day construct a cache that is outside the box.

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  • Dayspring

    I have now posted new photos of the inside of Totally Tubular III with a description of how it works. If you want to see a “behind the scenes view” during my last repair of the cache check out the photos. E-mail me if you have questions. Dayspring