New Geocaching.com Android App Update: Version 2.0

Geocaching.com Android Application Version 2.0


Groundspeak developers unveil the latest update to the Geocaching.com Android application. Version 2.0 of the Geocaching.com app for the Android platform became available on May 18. Geocachers will enjoy a new look and feel for the app. They will also experience more powerful search options and an overall enhanced treasure-hunting adventure. The geocaching adventure will even last longer: developers increased the performance of the app, extending the battery life.

New User Interface for "Nearest Caches," "Geocache Details" and "Trackables"

New Features include:

* Advanced search

– Location Search

– Filter by Cache Types

– Filter by Size

– Exclude Finds

– Filter by Difficulty

– Filter by Terrain

– Search by Geocache Name

– Filter by Other Users’ Finds

* Battery drain issues addressed

* Major User Interface update

* Geocaches, Searches and Pocket Queries may now be saved into custom lists

* True multi-user support; multiple users have their own geocache database on a device

* Most recently viewed geocaches are cached on the device

* New cache icons

* Cache search list remembers your sort settings when retrieving “more” caches

* Log/recent photos can now be found with the actual log. When a log has a photo icon, click the log and the photo will appear. Only the cache photos will be found in the photos link in the cache details

* Added a “waiting” animation when the cache hasn’t yet fully loaded

* There is a photo loading animation instead of a frowny face

* Update a saved geocache by selecting “update” from the menu in cache details

* Cancel Pocket Query download by pressing the back button

Ready to get started?

Android owners can download Groundspeak’s Geocaching for Android Application from the Android Market

Discuss Geocaching with Android devices and submit feature suggestions on the Groundspeak feedback site.




  • Marcupio

     Where do we post issues?

  • That looks awfully lot like Google Maps. Does it have the option to use OpenStreetMap?

  • Right here: http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75279-geocaching-for-android It’s the Groundspeak feedback site. Thanks!

  • Buffalo Bob

    Does it update automatically, or do I need to download it again if I have been using the geocaching app?  If I have to download it again, does that men I need to purchase it again two months after I paid for the app?

  • Lemmi

    I like the new optik and speed.

    But I miss live map, geocaching live and openstreetmaps (OSM) maybe as third option instead of ugly google maps. For geocaching I think OSM is much more detailed than Google Maps.

    When this will be in the app, it may be the best GC App. Offline Maps and it will be the greatest.

  • RS2006

    Nice and better than the version before. 🙂
    It seems that “Hide own caches” and “Search on SD-Card” does not work!!!? (Motorola Defy) :-(((
    “no SD-Card…” appears if i try to search on SD and existing GPX-Files are not recognized!
    Download of GPX-Files is ok.

  • NeTeInStEiN

    You can update it on the Android Market.. if you bought it already, for free. 

  • k1jy

    Doesn’t appear to have fixed the problem in previous versions wherein on HTCs, it continues to consume battery even after the program is exited until the phone is rebooted, or the app uninstalled.  Which is what I just did.  Again.

  • Jens

    It has been fixed for my htc desire hd.

  • Richardspda

     When does the iPhone update come out?

  •  iPhone update schedule for the next couple weeks!

  • HolenOne

    When i try to log in, the screen goes white and nothing happens. I have tried to delete the app and reinstall it, but i still have the same problem.

  • Lizardhunters

    I received a NookColor for Mothers Day.  It would be sweet if you guys also made a Nook app. 

  • Igm503

    if your nook is running the latest software(1.2) you can download it from the android market the same way you would from a phone.

  •  I am glad for the battery drain!! It saved me $55 bucks a month on my cell bill. Made me wake up and think ” Do I really need a Driod phone.” I stay home all the time so I can use my laptop there. When I do go out I need my cell to call people. I also can’t figure out if I have to punch in the phone # to text someone, why not just call them and talk to them on the phone???

  • Dennis Melancon

    Paying for the app should automatically come with a Premium Membership. Otherwise, this is pretty useless.

  • I have a samsung galaxy ace and I can’t login. The screen goes white without any input field.
    Someone has the same problem?

  • Abarry

    You gotta be kidding. I’m willing to send an extra donation for the great efforts these dudes are doing.
    Ever tried playing golf for.free?

  • Hescox

     you will need to re download, but it did not charge me to update to the new software.

  • Dennis Melancon

    No. Never tried to play golf at all. I am merely pointing out that unless one has the Premium Membership, rhis app is no better than free apps like Columbus.

    But thanks for the reply. It was helpful.

  • Wdbbrinton

    Has anyone been tracking Geocaching stats is it still a growing sport? 

  • Hakan

     When will you be able to save this app on the CD-Card

  • Jornandersen

    Hm. On my htc Legend the software crashes when I hit the navigate button. Anyone else?

    Otherwise is seems quicker. That’s good.

  • kunarion

    Same problem here.  I have an Asus A500 (Android 3.0).  Clicking “Log In” presents a blank white “Log In” screen.  If I can load Pocket Queries somehow anyway, maybe I’ll get by.  But something’s definitely wrong.

  • Issa

    Yes. also the same. I’ve got a HTC desire and i can’t login eather. 

  • Marsh1944

    I’ve had no luck with geobeagle on my droid.  It’s usually 100+ feet off.  Can you help.  This also happens when I use c:geo.

  • Seymour

    Same for HTC Desire 🙁

  • Don’t do the new update – Read the reviews before you do.  The program constantly crashes now on Android.  If they fix their bugs, I might update mine. 

  • Sara

    I’m unable to log in. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Jonas K Pedersen

    For the fix: force the keyboard visible and the login page shows
    HTC Desire

  • Shadowbear01

    None of the features, although I didn’t commit them to memory, list why then need my phone contact list as a permission?