‘Tis Only a Flesh Wound — On a Dark Night (GC1JHWA) — Geocache of the Week



Are you brave enough to earn this smiley?
Are you brave enough to earn this smiley?

Geocache Name:

On a Dark Night (GC1JHWA)


Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

As nearly any geocacher knows, scrapes, scratches and other flesh wounds are inevitable when you’re searching for a geocache in the woods. But just like the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, mere flesh wounds can’t stop a geocacher. This geocache also reminds everyone to keep their sense of humor around while out searching. If you’re up for the challenge of finding this geocache, grab your coconuts (from an African Swallow, of course) and embark on your journey!

If you need a reference for the joke, here’s a YouTube clip. Warning: Some violence and mild language.


What geocachers are saying:

“I couldn’t help but think this was supposed to be a night cache! Anyway as I spotted GZ a huge grin appeared on my face – loved this one! :)” – slieschke

“Having found the tribute cache to the Co a couple of weeks ago I took the opportunity today to find a couple and this was number one… worth the effort… and deserving of the fave points… left my own fave point, some Phillipino coin and Hamster Tag tb that I found in the tribute cache to continue on… tftc…” – Peppa

“Wow, wow, wow… This trail is really upping the game for the caches that I have found thus far. I also think that I am going to be out of Fav’ Points as I keep giving them to every cache of ‘wingaap’ that I visit including this one! The idea and just finding the cache gave me a giggle and the wow factor. Awesome!” – MinkosDes


A brave warrior facing almost nearly certain ankle biting.
A brave warrior facing almost nearly certain ankle biting.
The black knight and his creator, Wingaap.
The black knight and his creator, Wingaap.

What’s the funniest geocache you’ve ever found? Tell us and post photos in the comments.

Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks!


Join Michelin’s Quest for Adventure



You Could Win a Set of MICHELIN® Tires and a Grand Prize Trip!

Michelin—the world’s top tire manufacturer— is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a nationwide adventure quest to find the tire maker’s beloved mascot– the Michelin Man.

Here’s how it works:

1. Request & Hide a Trackable
Request a free Michelin Man tire pressure trackable (while supplies last) and hit the open road to stash your Michelin Man inside a geocache in the U.S.  Activate the trackable and share a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the campaign #MichelinQuest tag.

UPDATE:  The Michelin trackables sold out quickly and are all spoken for — but you can still participate, see the next step!

MIchelin Man
Michelin Man

2. Find a Michelin Man Trackable
Didn’t receive a free Michelin Man Geocaching trackable?  You can still participate! Check out the latest whereabouts of the Michelin Man, fire up your Geocaching app and set out!

Find a Michelin Man trackable and record your discovery with a picture that really stands out. Next, log your geocache and share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #MichelinQuest tag!

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3. New Tires and a Grand Prize Vacation

The 10 best photos will win a set of MICHELIN® tires.  Those photos will be shared on @MichelinUSA official Facebook page where the photo that earns the most likes will win a grand prize vacation!

The grand prize winner will choose between two incredible experiences. The first is a fine dining experience at an exclusive gala to celebrate the release of the 2015 MICHELIN Red Guide in New York City, San Francisco or Chicago. The MICHELIN Red Guide has been the gold standard in fine dining since 1900. The second option is to attend one of the inaugural Formula E races in Miami or Los Angeles. The Formula E series is the world’s first fully-electric racing series.

Contest Dates

Contest will run from Sept. 8, 2014, until Dec. 31, 2014, 11:59:59pm (ET).

The “Michelin Quest for Adventure” anniversary geocaching contest is solely sponsored by Michelin North America, Inc., NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States who are 18 years and older at time of entry. Contest runs from Sept. 8 to Dec. 31, 2014. Void where prohibited. For details and restrictions, see the Official Contest Rules on the website: http://michelin.geocaching.com.


How to Speak Geocaching – A Mega-Event Journey to Germany

Editor’s note: Geocaching HQ staff are  attending dozens of Mega-Events around the world, shaking hands, sharing stories of adventure, and of course, geocaching. Each person at Geocaching HQ brings their own unique talent to advancing the adventure. Some write code for the website, others design images for the apps, and some shoot videos explaining it all. Justin Dover or  dova dov is part of the IT team at Geocaching HQ. This is his Mega-Event experience.

Mega-Event and Soccer
Mega-Event and Soccer

By Justin:

As someone with very little world traveling experience, I was somewhat intimidated when I discovered that I had been selected to attend GC4MEGA Big Äppel.  My foreign language is limited to rusty high school spanish and innumerable programming languages that I’ve supported over the years.  However, any discomfort I had was quickly put at ease when I started communicating with Robert Fitzsch, my contact and one of the passionate members of the Big Äppel Orga-Team.  He reminded me that we all share the common language of geocaching.

Justin and Hailey
Justin and Hailee

Traveling with my wife Hailee, we arrived in Frankfurt on Thursday and had an opportunity to see the old town area known as Alt-Sachsenhausen.  It’s a quaint outdoor setting with lots of bars and restaraunts. This would be the first of many times that we were asked if we had tried der Apfelwein (the apple wine).  Consumed during all seasons, applewine is an acquired taste not appreciated by all.  I found it palatable, but much prefered the local pilsners.

The event was scheduled over two days at Commerze Bank Arena with a conclusion event Sunday aboard The Applewine Express.  The main venue was most notably remodeled to support the 2005 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Friday night hosted the GC4MEET Meet&Greet.  As attendees got a lay of the land and greeted one another, they also had the opportunity to observe two influential geocachers share their craft. Enno Seifried, producer of a film roughly translated as “Stories Behind Forgotten Walls – The Lost Places”, hosted a viewing which detailed the abandoned locations in eastern Germany that host a treasure of extreme caches.  Bernhard Hoeker, a comedian, actor and geocaching author, performed a book reading and signing.

Berhard, Justin and Enno participating in book signing/picture/autograph session
Bernhard, Justin and Enno participating in book signing/picture/autograph session

The band Dangerous Comfort was scheduled to perform indoors in the VIP area during the event, however, a popular German hard rock band Böhse Onkelz (Evil Uncles) stole the attention with televised public viewing of their reunion concert in the center of the arena.  The concert was taking place an hour south at a racetrack in Hockenheimring, but they sold so many tickets that some of the fans were diverted to Commerze Bank Arena for safety reasons. As a result, cachers were treated to a free suite-level show.

justin 10
Fans starting to arrive for the Böhse Onkelz

Saturday brought lots of activities, with the central geocaching goal of completing the event’s Lab Cache adventure.  This incorporated the use of augmented reality, a code emitting wireless access point and deciphering a passphrase on a telephone booth nearby.  The Labs series also incorporated published traditional and multi-cache hides to complete the Adventure.  This experience was a wonderful example of how Labs provide the geocaching experience in a small area bending traditional rules and only available for a limited time.

Lab Cache
Lab Cache

When Hailee and I weren’t helping English speaking visitors at the welcome booth, we had an opportunity to walk around to visit with the vendors and presenters.  We discovered some unique and clever geocache containers, but we were most impressed with the folks using laser technology to create duplicate low-cost trackables to share. There were also panel discussions and workshops on using GSAK, OpenStreetMaps and Wherigo–as well as a Q&A hosted by yours truly.

Once the event started nearing the end of the day, the excitement for geocaching began to shift toward pride of country.  As fans began filing into the area wearing black, red and gold, it became quite clear that Germany was about to play Ghana in the World Cup and the venue was host to another public viewing.  Over 30,000 fans came together to watch Germany on what was advertised as the largest canvas.

The event officially culminated on Sunday at the Frankfurt Main Train Station with GC4M3ET Big Äppel Bye Bye.  It was a trolley tour around Frankfurt aboard the Applewine Express.  We had an opportunity to take in the notable sites around the city while enjoying der Apfelwein one last time.

For our final experience of the visit, Robert and Annika of the Orga-Team arranged a tour of Castle Eppstein and dinner in the surrounding town.

Castle Eppstein
Castle Eppstein

 This was a small event for 20 or so cachers entitled GC4M3GA Meet a Lackey.  We had an incredible time touring the ruins, learning of the lineage and counting the steps all the way to the top of the tower.  Dinner provided the best meal of our visit and a relaxed atmosphere to discuss common interests inside and outside of geocaching.  It was a great chance to make new friends and we even learned a new game.

It’s a little like Jenga, a lot more difficult, and I have no idea what it’s called
Nicolas, Laporca, takes a break from checking in on exhibitors and vendors to have a beer with Hailee and Justin.
Nicolas, Laporca, takes a break from checking in on exhibitors and vendors to have a beer with Hailee and Justin.
Touring Alt-Sachscenhausen with our gracious guide Pier, Napoleone1972, and his wonderful family
Robert Fitzsch, reality666, considered the rock of the orga-team and responsible for finance
Robert Fitzsch, reality666, considered the rock of the orga-team and responsible for finance



Get ready for GIFF 2014!

GIFF 2014 is on August 15 at Gas Works park in Seattle.

Get ready for the 2014 Geocaching International Film Festival!

This year at the Geocaching International Film Festival we received 60 entries from over 15 different countries. After the team of Geocaching HQ judges carefully reviewed each entry, we are excited to announce the 16 finalists that will be screened at the second annual GIFF on August 15 in Seattle!

Congratulations to:

Geocaching in Canada
Toronto, Canada

First to Find – The Woodland Hunt
United Kingdom

La Búsqueda (The Search)
Ciales, Puerto Rico

C9 H13 NO3 (Adrenaline)

Love Geocaching
Lille, France

Geocaching Therapy
L’Avanguardia Team
Milan, Italy

Luenen, Germany

Toronto, Canada

The Two Mountains
Miami, Florida, USA

The Deadliest Cache
TheHunting Yoshi
Akershus, Norway

The Lonely Cacher
Bronx, New York, USA

The Ubercache
Duck Muscle
New York, New York, USA

How to Geocache in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

Geocaching with Sasquatch
Frisky Biscuits
Seattle, Washington, USA

Remember the Fallen
Folsom, California, USA

Spend a Little Time With You
Albany, Oregon, USA

These films will screen at Gas Works Park in Seattle, WA from 8-10pm (psst… this is the night before the Geocaching Block Party). Log your Will Attend here!

After the screening we will announce the winners for the following awards:

  • Most Creative
  • Funniest Film
  • Most Adventurous
  • Most Inspirational
  • Best Cinematography
  • Audience Award (to be determined via text vote at the event!)

And, hey look! Here is one of our graphic designers, Roxxy, working on the awards now!

Geocaching HQ Designer Roxxy working on the awards.
Geocaching HQ Designer Roxxy working on the awards.

So grab that picnic blanket and meet us at Gas Works Park on August 15th where you’ll find new friends, ice cream, and incredible geocaching films!

Check out these stills from some of the finalists:

Geocaching in Thailand
How to Geocache in Thailand by RazMcCaz
C9 H13 NO3 (Adrenaline) by Peter!
Spend a little time with you
Spend a Little Time with You by HurricaneBrain
Geocaching with Sasquatch
Geocaching with Sasquatch by Frisky Biscuits


And one last thing:

We wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who submitted films this year! The judging was incredibly hard and we were impressed with the amount of amazing work we saw. Thanks again for submitting your films and we hope to see more from you next year.

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1 Month Later… A Breakdown of the Record Breaking World Wide Flash Mob 11

WWFM XI – World-Wide Flash Mob

The Fastest 15 minutes in Geocaching

By Sonny and Sandy, of the PodCacher Podcast.

June 7th was another record-breaking experience for flash mob participants. Over 27,000 geocachers gathered at 792 events in 52 countries for this annual event.

WWFM hosts are known for their creativity and quirkiness and this year’s events did not disappoint. Here are some “WWFM snapshots” from around the globe.

Pretoria, South Africa

We had an awesome event blowing bubbles around a giant sculpture of an upside down cow.  It was freezing here in Pretoria but geocachers are not put off by a bit of cold weather and we had a super turnout of 35 people.  It was great to see some new geocachers attending their first ever event and a Flash Mob at that!

Pretoria, South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

Mikkeli, Finland

During the event the geocachers gathered to the main park of our town to take a football club type of photo – with everyone wearing a red shirt and black pants. All participants were asked to gather to the different parts of the park. When the referee whistled, everyone gathered in front of the main building in the park in three rows and took their places as professional football players in front of the building. After the photos were taken, the referee whistled again and everyone disappeared without saying a word.

Mikkeli Finland
Mikkeli Finland

Hong Kong

26 geocachers decided to copy Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks at the busiest zebra crossing in Causeway Bay, HK. There were zombies, gymnasts, supermen and women, backwards walkers and couples with their own silly walk. We had to cross 5 times to earn our smiley.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Pennsylvania, United States

Painting it Purple was our theme. Attendees were to dress and accessorize in purple and to bring along a paintbrush with purple ribbon tied to it. When the event began, we started “painting” everything in sight with our paintbrushes. The color purple was chosen because our event was held very near the Relay For Life of Lancaster.  After the event, some of the cachers went into the Relay and walked some laps around the track to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back against cancer.

Pennsylvania, United States
Pennsylvania, United States

Delft, the Netherlands

With pride we would like to report our WWFM XI event, “Applause for Hugo”. Hugo, in this case, is a statue of Hugo the Groot on the central square in Delfs. At 19:00 hours, a lot of people walked up to this statue and gave it a standing ovation.


Delft, the Netherlands

Oregon, United States

58 people (most on Pool Noodle ponies) rode into the Riverfront Carousel and sang Happy Birthday to the Carousel ponies (who were all wearing party hats for their 13th Birthday party). The Operations Manager was surprised and delighted and really, really wants a geocache there now!  He said “it gave him goosebumps seeing us”.

Salem, Oregon
Salem, Oregon

The 10 largest WWFM XI events were all in Germany, each with over 150 participants. The very biggest was in Dortmund with 450 people. The other countries with events over 100 people were Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Portugal, France, and Team PodCacher’s San Diego event.

On the other end of the scale, there were actually quite a few with only 2 participants. Events in Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Indonesia and Greenland.

To hear more stories from the amazing WWFM XI, listen to PodCacher show 473 and show 474. To get more information on the WWFM, you can visit gcwwfm.com, and listen to Show 473 and Show 474.