How Teens Discover Geocaching

By Kara Bonilla

Ever think that the only things teenagers do are play video games, lay around, and complain? Think again. Teenagers worldwide have picked up on geocaching and their passion for the sport is only growing stronger with age. A recent survey shows nearly five percent of geocachers are 18 or younger, that’s still nearly a quarter of a million geocachers.

Joey with cache GC1QYHV, Camino a la Buena Vista

Joey (jmilla210), 15, from California has been geocaching for two years. Joey has loved the game ever since he was first introduced to geocaching. He found his first cache with family members on Thanksgiving Day of 2009.

When asked about out geocaching for the first time, Joey said, “Finding my first cache was amazing.  I didn’t really know what it was at first, but I learned much more about the game and quickly developed a regular habit of finding a few caches each day.” Since then, Joey has found 259 caches and hidden 13 caches in his area. Joey also likes to attend geocaching events, as they give him the opportunity to meet people, his age or not, that love geocaching as much as he does. The game always gives Joey something to look forward to wherever he is, and he is always excited to go find a cache.

Chad in a mineshaft while finding his all-time favorite cache, GC21QWN The Cobalt Zone

From Killingworth, Connecticut, United States, 18-year-old Chad Golembeski’s (DeluxeLunchbox) experiences as a geocacher all started with a gift of a GPS device for Christmas at the age of 14. Now, four years later, Chad owns 10 caches and has found 164 geocaches throughout Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

When talking about his first find, Chad said,“When I found my first geocache, I thought it was extremely cool that someone had posted these coordinates online and I found them.”  Chad was a member of his high school’s geocaching club before graduation, and his first logged cache was the one at his school. With the club, he completed large multicaches, found caches at various state parks, and recruited friends who now like to geocache. For Chad, geocaching is fun way to get outside and explore with his friends. “I personally like geocaching because [it] brings me out to new places that I wouldn’t have known of before.”

Chris with cache contents of GC2XAF6, Feed the Mosquitos II

Chris (Coldgears), 16, from Pennsylvania in the United States, has recently discovered his love for geocaching. All it took was for him to stumble upon the geocaching app on his new phone about a year ago, and Chris was hooked. Chris then introduced his two friends to the game, in return for introducing him to letterboxing a while back.

According to Chris, what he likes most about geocaching, “ …is the time spent outdoors…Without it I wouldn’t be in the woods nearly as much.” With over 300 caches found, Chris enjoys how geocaching gets him to the outdoors with his friends on a regular basis.

There are many ways teens can learn about geocaching, and eventually love the game as much as these guys do. Finding a local organization or group who geocaches, such as Girl or Boy Scouts, checking for geocaching events in your area, creating an account on Geocaching.com, and downloading the Geocaching application for your smartphone are all simple ways teens can get started. The love for geocaching begins with a simple step like these guys took, creating a passion for the game that can last for a lifetime, and teens everywhere can take that step today.



  • I am a youth pastor and we go geocaching every week during the summer.  We had 23 students go with us last week and they love it.

  • Brucebruce99

    I’m a geocacheer and I’m 17. I’m out of Scottsdale, AZ, and I’ve never seen any other teen geocachers. I think it’s great that teens are getting introduced into this. 

  • My kids love geocaching, to them it is like a high tech treasure hunt.  Hopefully they will still be interested as they get older and will continue to search out new caches.

  • Opicakuz

    I’m 17 too. I have started with this game becouse of my brother… And he is 14! 😉

  • I’m 14. I live in Latvia (it’s in Europe) and I recently read about geocaching in local magazine. i like geocaching very-very much! Thanks to geocaching now I know so much about my city!

  • Eirik2908

    Im almost 18, I’ve been caching since May 5th 2010… The day I found out about it, that’s the day I got addicted.. ^_^

  • Sirrtb

    I’m 18 and started caching in May of 2009. My uncle introduced me to geocaching and I’ve had a lot of fun. Where I live there are many, many very cool caches and cachers. I’ve found over 800 caches and hidden over 20. It’s been very fun to do with my family as well. I know much, much more about the geography of my area. Infact, I frequently define areas by what cache I found nearby. I still have so many finds to make and trails to explore…Thank you geocaching.com for making it possible!

  • we had 3 freshman aged high-schoolers visit our home cache last week… glad to see all ages in this great hobby.

  • Jonty Brener

    I am 13 from Sydney Australia. Our local science institute sent us a newsletter and since then ive been hooked. 2 Years

  • Barlote

    Just starting now, and I LOVE IT!!! It truly brings me out doors much more. 🙂 and im 20

  • Barlote

    Im from Latvia too!! Rīga 🙂

    Veiksmi medībās!

  • I notice the scouts where I live have started to Geocaching, It would be good if the Scouts, Cubs ,Guides and so on introduced a Badge the kids could try gain in Geocaching, this would introduce 1000’s to the sport.

  • redsquirrel

    Disappointed in the extreme, having at last found an interest. to find no-one to talk to. next to one will read my post. we all so few n far between, will likely be 3 days away at least. three days away from a reply on the net! That’s so so paralyzingly way square.Someone get steer the far flung flock to oneness
    ..i wud love the chance to chat online with cachers in the here n now. cant find it. if you out there .hello. wherez it at?

  • Our now 5 year old niece goes caching with us whenever she is visiting her mother and probably has about 20 finds that she could claim smileys for!  Her mother, who is now 28, came with us one one of the caches and was hooked.  They now have an account, ‘marlton’, which is a mush of both of their names.  As a bonus to two new, young cachers, they put our name in the “referred by” box and $1 was donated to Donorschoose.org!

  • Rein-diggedy

    Great post Kara!

  •  Would be nice to make a live streaming
    videochat with all the teens that play this game, and get to know eachother
    better and share our ideas and impressions.

  • ash99

    I’m 14 years old boy.
    I very love geocaching !
    Hello from Slovakia (in Europe) !

    my nick : ash99

  • kyle

    i personally know chad G. he is a fag