Groundspeak Headquarters is on the Move

Moving day at Groundspeak

Right now, about sixty Groundspeak Lackeys are in the process of packing up desks and loading up boxes. Groundspeak Headquarters, affectionately known as “The Lily Pad,” is moving… about two blocks. We’ll still reside in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, USA.

The move will not affect performance on Geocaching.com. Our new offices allow the team to grow so that we can enhance your geocaching experiences.

Groundspeak Headquarters cache

We’d love for you to visit the new HQ. The Groundspeak Headquarters cache (GCK25B) will make the move too. The coordinates will be updated soon. Visitors to the new office should check out the cache page for instructions on visiting.

The move will only take a day. We’ll be back at work in the new offices tomorrow.

  • Fairwater

    That’s three locations in a a year-and-some…

  • Four locations now (not including Jeremy’s home where the first computer lived), the basement, a small office on Fifth Ave, the location we just left in Fremont and NOW our new offices (two blocks from the old offices). Whew. We’re staying put for awhile now.

  • The new Groundspeak Headquarters is really striking….awesome decor, fun photo booth, huge geocache, intriguing, worldwide logging screen, and display of items that are available.  We were welcomed whole-heartedly by Bethany who gave our two Geodogs lots of attention too!  Photos were taken, log book signed and then we left with a huge smilie!

  • 5 locations actually. We had an office on 9th & Lenora after our office in the basement.

  • Gale McPherson

    This is about the 7 caches of August. I’m confused. Can we use previous logs or do do we use only new finds for the month of August. I notice 90 plus have already logged finds.