Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – August 31, 2011

Get Out the Door and on the Trail Faster

Pocket Queries make preparing for your geocaching adventure a simple 2-step process.

Step 1: Create a Pocket Query for the area that you want to go geocaching. You can select which cache types to receive in the results, specify your range of difficulty and terrain levels, choose cache attributes and more. Want to see only traditional caches within 25 miles of your home that are above a difficulty 3 and require a long hike? This step lets you do so. When you’re done, you’ll receive an email containing a file with the Pocket Query results.

Step 2: Plug your GPS into your computer. Either drag and drop the emailed Pocket Query file onto the device or use third-party software to load the file (the process for loading files depends on your GPS device). You can find a list of your Pocket Query files that are ready for download under the tab “Pocket Queries Ready for Download” here.

That’s it! You now have the complete Pocket Query (up to 1000 cache listings) including cache coordinates, descriptions, hints and recent logs on your device, so whether you decide to go geocaching right outside your house or miles away, you’re ready to go.

Users can even look up caches when away from home! When you create a Pocket Query, just set it to run on one or more days of the week. The query will run on the specified day(s) and can be saved for later use, set to run automatically each week or deleted.

Pocket Queries are a Premium Member feature. Premium Members can run up to 5 queries per day with up to 1000 caches per query. Premium Membership is only US $30 per year or US $10 for 3 months and it’s well worth it for the amount of time (and paper) you’ll save. Don’t believe us? See what other Premium Members have to say about the benefits of Premium Membership.

  • C Sandrey

    I agree. Support geocaching by becoming a Premium Member and Groundspeak will support you. Excellent job.

  • I absolutely love pocket queries. I just don’t like having to view them ever since I’ve been forced to use the beta maps feature. There are good things about the beta maps that I like. Viewing PQs on them isn’t one. Sometimes I build PQs just so I can look at a certain subset of caches without all the other intervening ones (for instance, all unfound caches within a 50 mile radius. Only 15-20 caches in that list, but taking the map out wide enough to see them all is an absolute mess). I know that PQs now have this extra icon on the beta maps, but if I deselect all the other icons to eliminate the clutter, I’m left with icons that I can’t click to get information about those caches. If I revert via the link on that page to the old maps, all the PQ data is lost. Please allow me to set my own preferences within the web site as to which map I want to use. Either that, or make the PQ icons link to their respective caches. Thanks.


  • Fairwater

    Um – that assumes your GPS can support all of that.  Mine can’t.