15 Countries in 24 Hours – One Big Day of Geocaching

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Nine geocachers invested months of planning and preparing for a single day this weekend. The group based in the Netherlands included Team Mac Bean Stash, The Heuv, Ellino, Mr. Loggy, Demostar, The Axe Factor, and Fine-Line. They all launched on their mission on October 9, 2011. (That day can also be read as 9/10/11 – if written day/month/year.) Their goal was simple and extraordinarily complex.

Every geocacher enjoys the game their own way. Some enjoy spending months on one puzzle cache or hiking for days to find a dozen caches in the wilderness. This group wanted to challenge their wits, endurance and planning abilities to claim a world record in the geocaching community. The geocachers researched the most countries any group logged within 24 hours. Geocaching.com does not keep nor endorse official records.

Latitude 47 posted this article in August about a group of three geocachers who logged geocaches in ten countries in 24 hours. A reaction came back that a group of geocachers from Sweden accomplished 14 countries in 24 hours.

The geocaching group from the Netherlands set out to break the record. They say on their official website that they beat 14 countries in 24 hours. The group says they geocached in 15 countries in 24 hours. They countries, in no particular order include, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland in 24 hours.

They also promise more details will be available soon. After a cache run like that, there must be time to re-coup. Check back for updates in the story as they occur.

  • Andreas Dorfer

    I do not get the point, why anybody want’s to do such a thing. (exept perhaps to become famous among other cachers)

  • Anonymous

    Not very fuel efficent caching. One big day of geocaching, a bad day for ecosystem.

  • Pat


  • Bullfrogeh

    Sorry !  When you live in the centre of the centre province of the biggest country in the world – (Haliburton, Ontario, Canada) – we’re going to pass on challenging this record !

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for introducing yourself!

  • Commandosharky

    Stop crying and go geocaching!

  • Netheron

    This record is broken – we just logged 16 geocaches in 24 hours on October 30 . . .

    Czech Republic

  • Details, details, details?

  • Knaeblein

    Details are following … We just arrived at our homes and need to sleep a litte bit …. Because 16 countries are REALLY big stuff!!
    The Dutch needed three weeks to show their details … ours won´t take so long, I promise 😉

  • Because it’s fun and a good chance to see a bunch of other countries. 

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  • Rheinhart

    Sounds very cool but almost impossible, where can we read your full story Knaeblein?

  • Traineediplomat

    I agree, where are the details.  Unlike the 15 in 24 which has a comprehensive one.  Your trip would have had you crossing five proper borders which would have taken time.  Congrats though to the 9th October crew…well done!

  • Knaeblein

    We are about to make a website with video and so on ….
    Then you can see the whole track, we tell the whole story. You´re right, it´s time to do it …
    But I´m planning the next thing: 5 continents in a day 🙂

  • Romir

    What was the distance and driving/searching/rest time?
    I’ve put it in Map Source and it looks like 2050km and if I take 10 mins for each cache + 2xrest/refueling by 15 mins, I get 20 hours.
    It means speed average approx. 100 km/h. It looks manageable.

  • SoP

    Get 193 geocachers from all 193 countries in the world in a group account. You can log 193 countries in 1 minute. WOW, unbelievable. The real challenge is to get the people together, not to log as many countries in 24 hours as a group.

  • LaDingla

    In which part of Serbia? 😀

  • Willem Stevens

    Hmmm let me make a small calculation

    Post 1 was at October 31 in 2011. Now it is almost January 31 in 2015.

    That makes 3 years and 3 moths or in weeks: 169.

    In one of the first posts Knaebling mentioned the Dutch team, it took them 3 weeks.

    So far no details or website found with any kind of evidence of this so called record.

    I assume the record is archived including the evidence.