Presents: Favorites

[This video contains spoilers with express permission from cache owners]

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Watch the Presents: Favorites video above to explore how geocachers use Favorite Points to find and reward amazing geocaches. Geocaching Favorites was introduced in December of 2010. The feature allows Premium Members to award Favorite Points to the caches they enjoyed most. Everyone can see how many points a cache has received.  Since Favorites was added to the website, more than 2.6 million Favorite Points have been awarded.

Some geocachers award Favorite points to historic caches like The Original Stash Tribute Plaque. The location that records the placement of the first geocache ever has accumulated more than 900 Favorite Points. Creative and unique caches with spectacular stories also earn Favorite Points. Geist des Hagen, a clever geocache about a ghost who haunts the woods of Germany, has earned more than 1000 Favorite points.

Premium Members earn one Favorite Point for each ten caches found. You can then award to an exceptional cache in your find history. For every ten caches that you find, you earn one Favorite to award to an exceptional cache in your find history. Basic Members also benefit by seeing how many Favorites a cache has earned in search results and on the individual cache pages.

A geocacher from Maryland, United States says, “as a community we benefit by seeing more and more caches that have creative camouflage, and fantastic locations that we might not have visited, and that’s really what the sports all about!”  Watch the Presents: Favorites video to find out more and see how you can discover and learn from amazing geocaches through Favorites.

The next Presents video showcases a difficulty five, terrain five geocache in Germany known as The Rock. It has more than 300 Favorite points. The Rock is scheduled for release on November 3rd. will continue to release English, Czech and German language geocaching videos in the coming months. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be one of the first to see new videos. Watch the more than 50 videos produced by on our video page.