“The Rock” GC1EJ43 THE GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 13, 2011

"The Rock"

“The Rock” (GC1EJ43) rises brick by imposing brick out of the banks of the Rhine river. The five-stage mystery cache earns a difficulty five, terrain five rating.

Final stage of "The Rock"

Geocachers step up to the challenge by stepping on the overgrown deck of an abandoned and crumbling bridge. The Geocaching.com video team thanks Bazzanowitz, nicita and Christian from Geocaching Magazin for inviting the team along as they solved the cache.

The Rock earned 160 Favorite points, and cachers uploaded more than 1200 pictures of the sweat-dripping trek to earn a smiley. Die2Amigos placed the cache in 2008.

"The Rock"

A video showing cachers the cliff hanging, rock scrambling and rappelling adventure is now being produced to launch on the Geocaching.com video page.

Cachers must uses specialize climbing equipment to find five waypoints before attempting the final. Each waypoint requires dangling from the edge of the bridge or into the dark belly of the super structure. Cachers uncover codes to unlock the final cache. It’s located on a massive lone tower known by locals as “The Rock.” The attempt on the final demands a complex climb and decent.  Geocachers are cautioned to attempt the cache only if they’re experienced climbers.

"The Rock"

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  • Kaylin

    I just started getting involved into rock climbing and have been involved in geocaching for about a year now, one day I hope to be able to accomplish something such as this. :]

  • Micha

    so the violations of the distance rule are now oficially aprooved?

  • Criddles66

    II thought so at first but reading the article again in states that the cachers are finding waypoints, not actual geocaches. Really curious to see video to see how this is done. Looks very cool!

  • Okiebryan

    Those silly Germans 🙂

  • Micha

    It depends. But off course it works if you flag the hidden items as “QTA” instead of “SOAM”.

  • Geocachin

    I´ve mad this one a year ago. It was real great.

  • austriaka

    is there a distance rule between the stages of one multicache???

  • Caching

    There are no distance restrictions in one Cache! You can even put two stations 5 meters next to each other!

  • austriaka

    I know, but “Micha” seems not…