Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – December 7, 2011

The Geocaching.com Holiday Gift Guide

Unwrap the thrill of geocaching this holiday season. While you can’t log a “Found it,” finding a present from Geocaching.com might be just as thrilling as finding a cache (and there’s no need to worry about insects). Here are some of the most exciting gift ideas from Shop Geocaching.

The Limited Edition Glass Holiday Ornament showcases the unity of the worldwide geocaching community. The phrase “Found It” is translated into multiple languages and printed on the ornament in 22 karat gold.

If a loved one is excited to go geocaching with their Smartphone, the Cache With Your Phone Starter Kit is the perfect surprise.

Do you know a geocacher who works up a sweat finding geocaches? They’ll need the Cool Cloth Bandana and the matching “Hide it/Find it/Log it” tee. And the Challenges Geocoin is the perfect gift for the superhero in your life. Check out Shop Geocaching for dozens of additional gift ideas.

Happy Holidays from the all Lackeys at Groundspeak!