Table Top Trove GCMYYZ GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – December 19, 2011

The top of Table Top Trove

A cable car delivers geocachers to one of the most visited geocaches in Africa. Table Top Trove (GCMYYZ) was hidden in 2005 by Richter Family. Geocachers with more time and a thirst for mountain climbing adventure have made the 500 meter (1640 foot) ascent by foot.

The cache owner recently posted this note on the cache page, “Out and about on the mountain with my dog. Wow! Fantastic memories! I placed this cache over 6 years ago and it has been ticking over on it’s own ever since with no maintenance visits required. Cache doing well. The memories of spending every weekend up here climbing in a by-gone era came flooding back with a smile.”

The cache location shares those smiles. The difficulty two, terrain two geocache has been logged by more than 500 geocachers. The geocachers have arrived from more than a dozen countries. They share their thanks for the geocache in their logs. One writes, “A wonderful winter’s day up on table mountain. No wind, no rain, and no clouds! I had a fantastic time exploring. Many thanks from Sweden!”

View from the Table Top Trove cable car

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