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Scenic Railroads waymark

Reveal the hidden world around you with Waymarking.com. Unlock unique locations in more than 1000 categories like Scenic Railroads, Last of its Kind or even Ginormous Every Objects. Anyone with a Geocaching.com profile automatically has a free Waymarking.com profile. Simply use your Geocaching.com username and password on Waymarking.com. Often times players combine both activities when they’re exploring another country or just down the block.

Waymarking, like geocaching, offers a sense of discovery that’s waiting just outside your front door. Waymarking.com provides tools for players to catalog, mark, and visit interesting landmarks and locations. Adventures around the world use waymarking to explore hundreds of thousands of exciting, whimsical and useful sites. Read about the eye-opening experience from those who see the world through waymarking lens.

N!tr0 writes, “[Waymarking]… makes me look far deeper than I ever would normally, check around corners, look for dates, read signs, whereas I just used to stroll on by. And I have taken more pictures every month than I ever did before.”

Ginormous Everyday Object waymark

Dragontree says, “The most satisfying elements of waymarking are that it combines all of my talents and interests. I can use my writing skills, photography skills, art and design interest to create a waymark online and we can visit the places in person where we have always wanted to go. It gives a sense of purpose to our life and creates an ongoing memory of the world where our footsteps have fallen.”

Last of its Kind waymark

Fi67 writes, “Waymarking combines so many different things: Going outside, taking pictures, search the web or books and finally digest all that and create your own waymark. Another way to play the game is visiting. You can go to the location of existing waymarks, take a picture and upload it with a comment about your visit. The exact visiting requirements are also defined by the category managers and can vary.”

Waymarking.com now offers more adventures than ever before. Explore the site. Add your own waymarking stories below and click the “Post Comment” button.


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  • Anonymous

    My enjoyment of Waymarking has made me so much more aware of my surroundings. So often, we are rushing just out of bad habit. Waymarking literally makes you ‘stop and see the sculpture or the sundial or the mosaic or the … ‘. This activity ties together three of my passions: exploration, photography and research. Waymarking is not only about discovery; it is about explanation and education.

    Waymarkers are helping the Smithsonian to document the condition of artworks; the accuracy of National Register of Historic Places listings; helping communities restore vandalized art and find ‘lost’ historic markers. We are helping to document and educate about treasures that others have created for us to enjoy.

  • Howarthe

    I mostly love waymarking. Some of the categories are boring, but I can customize my experience and ignore the ones I don’t like. I wish the logging requirements were not so arbitrarily variable. It’s disappointing to come home aftr visiting a faraway waymarking and not be able to log the visit because I took the wrong kind of photo. I’ve been similarly frustrated trying to create waymarks. So it’s a lot of funbut there is room for improvement.

  • mr.volkswagen

    I really enjoy waymarking. I like the history part of it. I try to find out what I can about a waymark or waymark I am creating. I am a photographer so I try to make my photos more alive. If i am creating a waymark on someone in the category zinc headstones or Woodmen of the World I will try to find out what ever i can on the person that is buried there. Sometimes its hard to find anything. I also combine my geocaching with waymarking. When I travel I always try to get at least 1 waymark on my trip. 

  • Ann Wells

    That’s great!  We DO plan to find and log a cache that day.  Having said that …. why do we get a souvenir for something that happens every 4 years, but none for 11-11-11 which will not happen for another 1000 years?  I want my souvenir, please.  🙂

  • Frank_Z

    I visited the the railway line in the picture above many times before starting geocaching.
    Since this was before this waymark was created I wanted to post a comment instead a visit and upload pictures, but this seems to be not possible. 🙁

  • fi67

    Retro visits are perfectly acceptable.

  • Frank_Z

    I could also log earth caches, virtuals and challenges where I have been before their publications and before starting geocaching.
    But I always thought the idea to go outside is common among all those games and therefore the same logging requirements.

  • Robert Birch

    I’m with you on that, Howarthe . . . more than once, a Waymark has been denied because they want 2 or 3 pics, different angles, with/without my GPS, and if I’m in another area, I know that something has a category, but is it already a Waymark? Logging an existing Waymark and creating a new one often require different kinds of photos. So now, I just try to take more pictures than I think I’ll need, and then hope for the best. I still enjoy Waymarking a lot more than I do Geocaching . . .

  • Flipflopnick

    Waymarking gives me great satisfaction. Creating something from nothing. Giving credence to unknown objects. Am now having to return to some early locations as more categories appear. I have even gone out to a new location with the sole intention of gathering Waymarking information. Filling a blank on the Waymarking map. The sense of wonder as you discover new potential Waymarks. Not knowing whether the topic has been posted already adds to the fun. Researching a posting is part of the enjoyment. Having read a local history book, the challenge is then to go out and create quality Waymarks. This passion has led to attending many local history talks for suggestions.

    Having all the category descriptions to hand means I have yet to be thwarted by Category Managers requirements both for logging and posting. Unless a new officer changes the goal posts!

  • Pinkmonkey2

    I have never looked into waymarking before, but I see through geocaching I have been to MANY places!  I will have to go back and see where I have been and log them, since that looks to be acceptable, and then to be even more aware of where I am going in the future!

  • SeabreezeOZ

    Yes, its great fun Waymarking, I focus on Australian Post Offices. But the design of the web page is quite clunky, also why cant we have a page like geocaching which shows all the various waymarks to visit and easily download to the gps, even a phone app would be good. Please Groundspeak, update this feature and make it more user friendly! PS, some of the catagories are hillarious, lol.

  • Web-ling

    I enjoy Waymarking, having created over 600 Waymarks and visited over 500 (other than my own).  However, the website needs work; Pocket Queries would help tremendously.  The vast majority of my Waymarks have had very few visitors; many have had none.  If the website were more user-friendly, I think a lot more people would Waymark.

  • Scrapcat

    I have created over 75 waymarks and visited over 500. As a history buff and local-trivia buff, it’s a great way to explore unknown towns while traveling for work. Wish there was an app, like the Challenge app, where I can search nearby waymarks and upload logs/pictures.

  • Mr. PISA

    I posted around 40 waymarks and visited around 200 and this is just the beginning. What I really like about Waymarking is, that it helps you to find stuff that no travel guide would even mention. Want to find “Hand Operated Water Pumps” in Belgium? Or “Outdoor Stations of the Cross” in Bavaria? Are you planning a trip to Boston and wonder if there are any “Aviaries” around? Waymarking has all the answers for you. And if you stumble over one of the many “Penny Smashers” out there that haven’t been listed already, take some photos and help future tourists and smashed penny collectors to not miss it and bring a smile on her/his face.  

  • wvbago

    We live and travel in our motorhome, so are all over the place, caching as we go.  It is such a great way to explore new areas and even got hooked up with some local cache events while in Georgia; yeah “Tick Magnets”!!  We cache with our iphone and love it for the quick stops.  Is there a way to get Waymarks on it??

  • SomeGal

    I wish now even though waymarking has taken over virtuals . They used to count for numbers for lets say a cache a day for challenges etc. How come they dont show on your geocaching profiles any longer? Or Am I doing something wrong.Please enlighten me..