Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – March 28, 2012

Geocache Maintenance


Sometimes nature takes a bite out of geocaches. Cache containers end up battered by weather or broken from regular use. Does one of your geocaches need a new logbook, is the container cracked, or did the pen or pencil in the cache disappear? The changing of the seasons is a perfectly timed reminder to check your caches.

And geocache maintenance is not just for geocache owners. Courteous geocachers often help with cache maintenance, which helps increase the quality of the game for all. It’s easy. You simply bring additional supplies such as an extra geocache container, swag, logbooks, and pens on your geocaching adventures. That way you’re prepared to help out another geocacher by fixing a cache that needs maintenance on the spot.


If you go geocaching on the spur of the moment and don’t have supplies to fix up a cache that needs maintenance, visit Geocaching.com and report a ‘Needs Maintenance‘ log on the cache page.

If you are a geocache owner here are three ways to help make geocache maintenance a breeze:

1. Place a cache that is durable and requires little or no upkeep
2. Periodically check on your cache both in person and via the cache page to see if there are any issues
3. If you see a ‘Needs Maintenance’ log on the cache page, fix the cache and post an ‘Owner Maintenance’ log