Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – May 9, 2012

Geocaching and Facebook

Geocaching.com and Facebook connect like never before. You can now log into your Geocaching.com account with your Facebook account info. It’s easy-peasy, like a stroll through the park. Logging into Geocaching.com with your Facebook account information is safe and makes it easy to share your geocaching activity. You control what’s posted to your Facebook wall. You also decide who sees those posts.

Connect your accounts here. Decide who you share with on Facebook (everyone, friends, custom groups) and then click “Go to App.” You will be asked whether you allow Geocaching.com to post on your behalf. This is a default message from Facebook. We will not post anything to your wall without your permission.

If you choose to connect your account, each time you log a cache, you have the option to share the log on Facebook. Simply check “Update Facebook Status” in the “Sharing Options” box beneath your log text.

You can also connect to the thriving geocaching Facebook community of more than 200,000 adventure seekers like yourself. “Like” the official Geocaching.com Facebook page to follow the latest geocaching news, discover the most creative caches, and connect with your fellow geocachers around the globe.

  • If my fiance and I use the same account, can we link both of our Facebook accounts?

  • tomsentomsen

    How about Twitter? c:geo handles tweets when you log a cache or TB/coin. That’s better than facebook imho. Official twitter support would be nice.

  • Dornorn

    Twitter is great, Facebook not so much. When will there be Google+ integration!

  • You got it. You can also connect your Geocaching.com to your Twitter account as well… Check it out: http://www.geocaching.com/my/sharing.aspx

  • Educachen

    Now with this, my iPhone app doesnt work. I had my twitter acct linked. When I used iPhone app, it would tweet. Not that is not an option. Hoping that the iPhone app gets updated so we can select to tweet as well.