A Really Big Geocache

The ammo-can geocache & the giant-sized TB

Mitchel Zimmerman stumbled into geocaching, or rather, geocaching stumbled into Mitchel Zimmerman.

He says, “I learned about geocaching when a group of geocachers stumbled out of the woods and into our backyard. They explained what they were doing, and the idea of ‘treasure hunting’ captivated me.” And what a fateful encounter this happy accident would turn out to be for the Pennsylvanian geocaching community.

Mitchel, a.k.a. mzairboy is now the creator and owner of the world’s largest replica ammo-can geocache.

One freezing January morning in 2011, Mitchel attended a Trackable discovery flash mob event. He was there to unveil his giant-sized Travel Bug. Yes, a giant-sized Travel Bug. Mitchel recalls, “During the event, a geocacher told me that all I needed was a geocache big enough to hide my giant travel bug in. That’s when the wheels in my head started turning.”

Mitchel and his masterpiece

Over the course of a year, Mitchel secretly designed and assembled his masterpiece. He says, “Deep in the cornfields of Lancaster County, a geocache of massive proportions was being built and no one knew about it.”

When it was finally completed, Mitchel invited geocachers to “The Grand Unveiling” (GC3WYY1). On October 6, 2012, geocachers arrived for the big event. While only a few guests knew what to expect, most were completely astonished by what they encountered.

A geocacher who attended the event writes, “This was certainly an event with a difference. Just the name ‘Grand Unveiling’ captured our curiosity. Happily, we were not disappointed. This ammo-can cache must be a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records. Thanks to mzairboy for thinking outside the box, organizing, and hosting this event.”

So, what’s next for this really big cache? Mitchel plans to eventually hide it as a geocache for everyone to find. For a sneak preview of Mitchel’s creation, check out this video.

Group photo



  • Mr ProvenFam

    Another great mzairboy cache. Nicely done, Mitchell. Can’t wait to look for it.

  • Rotorqueen

    Talk about TALENT!!!!!

  • nikongt

    I made a video and put it on YouTube for it 🙂 same title as the event

  • barbatlarge

    I’ve seen an ammo can cache that looks to be almost the same size or maybe even bigger in front of a store in Coombs, B.C., a town renowned for having goats on grass roofs, keeping them groomed!

  • slyd

    Wow,…..what a cache

  • sparrow ace

    Agreed, the Coombs one is big and has been around for a while. Buy some licorice while you’re there!

  • Andrew

    Nice, Nice…
    I would log it

  • drc1959

    Oh wow definitly a big geocaching!

  • Chris-Mouse

    GC2HNAM is big enough that we’ve had a dozen geocachers inside the cache container at the same time. 🙂

  • Buffalo Bob

    I wanna know where to find it — I’m willing to cross the Susquehanna for an ammo can that big. The difficulty must be at least 2.5 just for raising the lid!

  • nikongt

    i have to see that got a pic?

  • bmlbytes

    He needs to build a giant lamp post to hide it under.

  • jackofalltrades001 has a geocache so large you can go inside and sit down at the table to sign the log! Ammo Can Super Size it GC37K21 by Jackofalltrades001

  • clueless in qualicum

    The cache in Coombs is GC2Y8Q8 and is called “Made in Canada-eh!”.