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CITO 2013Celebrate the 11th Annual CITO Weekend

Geocachers search parks, trails and forests to earn a smiley, but during a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event they’re not looking for geocaches. They’re clearing litter and trash from geocaching-friendly areas around the world. Thousands of geocachers will walk away from their CITO events with bags of trash and a sense of pride. They’re preserving the natural beauty of our world. It’s often more than litter clean up. Some CITO events remove of invasive species, plant trees or build trails.

You can be a part of the movement. CITO events are held all year long, but you’ll have more than 140 to choose from on April 20, 21 and 22. It’s the 11th annual International CITO Weekend coinciding with Earth Day.

This year, more than a thousand geocachers from at least 30 countries are combining in the annual worldwide environmental effort. The locations range from Croatia to Hong Kong and include more than 40 U.S. States.

Share this new CITO video and log your “Will Attend” for a CITO event near you. For a limited time, Shop Geocaching will include a free CITO trash bag in each order (U.S. orders, while supplies last).

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  • funkymunkyzone

    Shout out to geocachers in and around Auckland, New Zealand – the NZ Mega 2013 organising team have got 4 CITO events around Auckland happening on April 20 – come join us and let’s do our bit! 🙂

  • Dr Zagy

    Vau! You mentioned Croatia in your blog 🙂 That’s a big honor for my country.
    We have CITO event in Geopark Papuk.

  • Wish we could be there. Have a great event!

  • It’s a big honor for us that you geocache and are taking part in a CITO event. Thank you. PS – Geocachers iz cijelog sveta rade u Geocaching HQ. Ja radim sa jednom osobom sto je rodjena u tvom diu sveta. Ona mi je pomogla ovo da prevedem.

  • Dr Zagy

    Hvala lijepa na komentaru! Pozdravi kolegu koji će ti ovo prevesti.

  • shout out to central new york geo cacachers

  • dkats

    CITO is a great idea, but a CITO trash bag? I think it’s better to use a bag you already have, than buy a plastic trash bag to put the garbage in.