31 Consecutive Days of Geocaching? Challenge Accepted

Nothing says we mean business more than an orange sweatband.

Some will call us crazy. Others will say we’ve lost our minds. Our grandmothers may even go so far to say we’re off our rockers. But we, the Geocaching HQ staff, consider ourselves audacious…with a sprinkle of scrappy thrown in the mix. Why? Because when asked about 31 days of (consecutive!) geocaching, we said “challenge accepted.”

Partner Programs Manager Annie Love (Username: Love) says, “My longest streak before this was 10 days so this is a good challenge to top that. If I can succeed that will definitely be a thumbs up moment! I will be setting myself calendar reminders everyday to be sure I don’t forget.”

For now, we’re busy plotting our strategy and mentally and physically preparing for the month of August (see video below). We can guarantee you that come Wednesday, when we are not in the office, we will be out frantically trying to log one…more…find. And we know that many of you will be doing the same!

Over the next four weeks, we will be sharing our stories – our triumphs and failures, bumps and bruises, and (of course) all the muggles and nanos – as we log our way one day at a time to success. We are proud to be a part of the global geocaching community and we are honored to  be able to share in this crazy month of geocaching with you …we just hope that we can keep up! Most of all, we are excited to hear your stories because we know they will help to inspire us when the going gets tough. Best of luck to you and yours.

Let the games begin.

– Geocaching HQ Staff

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Batty Bicardi

    I’ve been challenging myself to find at least one cache every day for a while now, today will be 715 days consecutive with at least one a day! After a while it becomes habit and is just something you do. I recommend that if your going to challenge yourself to do this that you always try and hunt as far away from your home base as possible, that way you will keep some nearby hides to grab on those days of bad weather or illness or when your schedule just didn’t permit you time to grab one while away from the house. Either way you will eventually run out of hides in your area and have to travel to keep the streak alive! Luckily my line of work takes me to different places throughout the year which helps. Anyway I don’t know where my streak will end but I’m sure it won’t be before the end of August! Thank you groundspeak for offering the souvenirs in August and inspiring everyone to challenge themselves to get out there and enjoy the game and the outdoors a little more than they might ordinarily do! Good luck to all and ……….
    ” Happy Caching!! “

  • Lobotomy

    I am currently on a streak of 709 days. What is an extra 31? BRING…IT…..ON!!!! And see you all at Champoeg on August 12-14!!! I heard a rumor that Jeremy was going to be sharing a campsite with Raine…..

  • Go Phx Suns

    I bet a million dollar that whoever planned this 31 consecutive days of Geocaching in AUGUST does not live in Arizona. You are giving Arizona cachers one heck of a challenge to go outside everyday in 115F degree! We Arizonan deserve extra souvenir to melt in the sun.

  • Brian

    Wow Groundspeak, when you realized this 31 days of souvenirs was a bad idea, you made it even worse by promoting it with an even cheesier video. Just like your version of “Challenges’ you should just make this disappear as if it never happened. Way to cheapen the value of souvenirs.

  • Cheryl McReynolds Troutwine

    I would love to do this, however I would have to drive 2-3 hours every day just to get one cache a day. Can’t afford the gas for that. Guess that’s the downside of living in rural America. I generally cache once a week and it’s always a day trip at the least since driving has become further and further. But we LOVE caching!!! Can’t get enough of it! I would cache every single day if I could! Maybe when we retire! Keep telling hubby we need an RV so we can pack up my caching gear and our parrots and just cache across America!!! YEAH!

  • KinderKen

    I would have thought just one souvenir for all 31 days of August would have been great but 31, doesn’t that just diminish the value of souvenirs? As one member said “has Geocaching Souvenirs jumped the shark?”

  • Brian

    I love how Groundspeak deletes comments they don’t like.

  • Andrew Baines

    Be careful talking about streaking – means something different in the UK. Think running naked across the field at a major sporting event!

  • Anteaus

    Crap, I didn’t consult my doctor before watching this a second time. What do I do?!

  • klokare

    In Sweden we like challenges!

    We are a happy gang of four geocachers that live in Småland in the south west of Sweden. We sent an email to every geocacher that we know of in our closest area and asked if they would like to participate in the challenge by hiding at least one geocache per person any day during the month of August.
    The region were we live does not harbour so many geocachers or geocaches as it is, and most of us have already found the most of the now existing caches.
    By hiding one new cache everyday in August it will be possible for everybody to find a new geocache every day. The last day of the month we will organize an event to offer everyone a chance to meet and socialize.

  • DrJay Geocacher

    The 31 days of August will take me from 2381 geocaching days in a row to 2411 days in a row. So my “game face” is just my regular every day face.

  • Saved by God’s grace

    Ahh! Finally, an excuse to actually make my streak longer than 4 days! I’ll be working as hard as I can at it, in spite of possible Tropical weather here in Florida!

    Go forth and geocache!
    Because of John 1:14,
    Saved by God’s grace [:)]

  • locuslingua

    It means the same thing in the US. If you wear sunscreen you should be ok.

  • NYPaddleCacher

    I think it’s great that groundspeak employees are going to get out and do some caching but I’d be a lot more impressed if they tried to find a cache every day of the month in someplace other than one of the more cache dense locales in the world. Try finding a cache every day in a remote part of North Dakota, or in a country like China, or pretty much any country in South America or Africa (with the exception of South Africa). I imagine that caching in August in Arizona might be a challenge, but geocaching is also a game that is played in both hemispheres, and in the southern hemisphere August is in the middle of winter.

  • Batty Bicardi

    So many whiners! I guess caching just ain’t for everybody after all!

  • authorized users

    We want bright orange sweatbands!!

  • Robin Gerzema

    Bring on the orange sweatbands!! If I succeed in the 31 day challenge I am going to get one!!!

  • Night-Hawk

    I started my streak on March 2, 2007 and have not missed a day yet… today will be 2342 days in a row. I guess I will keep the streak going for at least 31 more days. Many people who have a streak consider “logging” a find the same as finding one and that is just WRONG!! I know a cacher who claims to have hundreds of days in a row when in fact, I can prove he hasn’t found caches on specific days he claims to have found one. He logs his finds as if he found caches on days he didn’t go caching. There will be people who “log” finds on every day in August just for the souvenir. As for me… I have actually FOUND a cache every day for the last 2342 days in a row. During this time, I have even had surgery… careful planning though allowed me to keep the streak alive. Enjoy the 31 days of August and help other cachers enjoy theirs too!!

    Oak Ridge, NC

  • DRA6N

    Why orange sweatbands? Thats what ToughMudder does. Maybe green or something else?

  • Batty Bicardi

    i was looking for my tough mudder headband the other day when I saw the ones they had,lol

  • CJ

    A souvenir just for finding a cache is a fantastic idea. Folks, we Russians (and geocachers in many other countries) still do not have souvenirs. Isn’t coming to some remote exotic region and finding a cache there worth a souvenir? Does it mean less than grabbing another city nano at the nearest parking lot? Please add our local souvenir to the game. We don’t need 31 of them but it would be nice to have at least one per country.

  • Jimmy Sellers

    I feel bad for people that accidentally broke their streak as recent as yesterday.

  • figerettas family

    wahhhhhhh I want to do this with my kids sooo bad but cant figure out what I need on my phone to make it possible. I am so tech impaired it’s embarrassing.

  • figerettas family

    so needless to say we are without cache ( hahaha little joke there, sorry just couldn’t help myself)

  • wolfhawk17

    Circles within Circles (A Microcache Geochallenge for the 2013 31 Days of August)
    Location: Capital Region, New York, USA
    List Owner: wolfhawk17

    All of these microcaches are located in a circle around a local landmark. Find and log [at least] one of these microcaches each day in August 2013 (31 in total) and send me a message with the correct landmark at the center of the circles to win a micro event cache geocoin. As a bonus, figure out what this landmark means to me for a micro wherigo geocoin. Good luck!

    Note that there are more than 31 microcaches included in the list in case a few are missing.

    Thank you to all the geocachers who placed these microcaches. Good geocaching to all!

  • Geocacherzone Portugal

    We loved the challenge so much that we are hosting a different event every single day through August… It’s going to be an amazing August with lot of fun, caches and events 😉

  • desertal

    Did one today my first for the challenge, will do my best it will be a big,big challenge… cannot believe it is possible to have streak with so many days.. 2000++ really amazing. We travel many miles in harsh desert terrains to get a cache…not many quick city or road side grabs …good luck to all GEOCACHERS. (I will need much more than good luck!)

  • cookay2012

    I’m up for the august challenge. I’m a freelance chef and started caching earlier this year..it’s great fun and gets me out and about between meals!
    Unfortunately I am cooking over on the west coast of Scotland this week and next where the caches are few and far between, so I’m having to plan very carefully for the start of the challenge and probably will only be able to do one a day because of the distances between the caches over here. Then after 10th it’ll be much easier as I’ll be near Aviemore where there are many more to find.
    1st august find: Lenny by Kyle, just outside Kyle of Lochalsh.
    Let the challenge begin!

  • Fugads

    I’ve never really been into this kind of cache-madness (currently my best streak was 6-days). But for some reason I’m finding myself wanting to take it on this month. Bring on the caching-ridiculousness!

  • leggs1112


    Am visiting my son in Everett, Washington found my first one today to start the August streak, am looking forward to having a great month.

  • tatertot30705

    The 4 in my group well push each other to get out. In aug. My sis lazyfamily 4 my niece cute smurf and my son jonster 11 bring it on we are ready im tatertot30705

  • ErnestoCarlos

    Here is Gemany. I guess I shall be able to make it and find at least one Cache every single day of August. It’s Holiday season and Business is quite. So why not Caching every day..;-)

  • cpnoroneal2

    I’m a newbie…less than 20 finds, but I’m into caching, totally. I do it while Im out walking in the morning…before the TX summer get’s to me. I’ve even got my hubby into it. Best treasure item I’ve found is a Cars character for my almost 4 yr old nephew…bushwhacked through a young forest to get it!

  • Catsko

    I like this challange 🙂 on vacation in Denmark I have started this challange 🙂

  • oglejr

    Don’t know why so many people want to complain about this challenge. My kids love doing this if everyone in the U.S. would introduce there kids to geocaching maybe, just maybe they would get them to put the ipods and video games down long enough to actually to have a real conversation with them and I bet they’d be surprised how easy they open up. Ever heard the song? “She Just Thinks We’re Fishing”

  • V.Lady

    I live in the rest of His grace!

    Happy geocaching!
    Love the geocaching logo!

  • Dacheforcache

    Wish we would have gotten back into caching 5
    Days earlier- thanks for the challenge.

  • Gene Thomas

    What do I do if I didn’t get a souvenir but logged a cache.