Master the 5 Ways to “Log Your Visit”

Navigating the “Log Your Visit” Options



The latest evolution of the Geocaching.com geocache details page serves up a new big button labeled “Log your visit.” And with big buttons comes big responsibility. With one click, you’ll uncover 5 different log types. Here’s a quick field-guide to help you navigate to the best option.Leaving the correct log type is all part of the geocaching experience. If you aren’t sure if you should leave a DNF or a Needs Maintenance, or you need help deciding if you should use the powerful Needs Archived option, try just leaving a note. Geocachers who have that geocache on their watchlist will see your note and will most likely be happy to help you out.


  • Found it – It’s a well-earned smiley when you choose this option. You’ve found the geocache and physically signed the log sheet. Now begin the over-sharing. What was your adventure like? Did you meet new people? Did you see a turtle? We want to know. Tell that story, upload a picture, thank the geocache owner, and you’re in business.
  • Didn’t find it (aka: DNF) – We all have these days. This is a really important option. It alerts other geocachers that this geocache might be more difficult than first thought or might not even be there. If you leave a detailed note they’ll know the whole story, like if there’s evidence of a critter making off with the geocache or too many muggles in the area to make the find. A DNF is a badge of honor and it’s easy to go back and          turn a DNF into a “Found it.”
  • Write note – “There’s serious road construction leading to the geocache.” That’s a perfect example of a nice note. It’s not a “Found it” or a “Did not find,” it’s a way to ‘note’ify (yeah, we did that) other geocachers of conditions that affect finding the geocache, like “a new bee hive is in the area, bee* careful.” (*yeah – we did that too)
  • Needs Maintenance – The logbook is full, the geocache is cracked, or the camouflage is a little tattered—these are all good reasons to log your “Found it” then, log a separate “Needs Maintenance.” The geocache owner will appreciate your help and geocachers will appreciate the insight.
  • Needs Archived – Whew, well, this is the big one. Take a deep breath and count to 10, maybe even count to 100. This is a rarely used logging option and there’s more math involved. Use this option if the geocache has many DNF’s and “Needs Maintenance” logs without a “Found it” log.

Log Type Bonus Round! There are 2 more log types for Event Caches. An Event Cache allows you to meet your local geocaching community, swap stories, trade tips and plan geocaching outings.

  • Will Attend – It’s our version of RSVP’ing. This lets the event organizer know you’re planning on adding your wit, charm and presence to the event.
  • Attended – This is the “Found it” for events. You earn a smiley and an opportunity to leave a log with a great big ol’ ‘Thank You’ for the event organizers, as well as stories from the event.