I <3 Geocaching Lab Caches from the Geocaching Community

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At the beginning of this month, the I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache experiment launched. During the month of February, Geocaching Premium members have the chance to create a temporary, personalized Lab Cache for one special person. This new test is different than normal geocaching and is open to all sorts of creative interpretations. In fact, in the short two weeks that the test has been live, we’ve already seen a number of amazing Lab Caches from the geocaching community. If you’re a Geocaching Premium member and you haven’t created your Lab Cache yet, do it here, then post your ideas in the comments below.


Snow Adventure with the Geocaching Vlogger


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Lottery Cache by FlyingMoose


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A few comments from FlyingMoose regarding his Lab Cache: “I think what inspired me was that only one person could log the cache and I wanted more to enjoy making the find. As for the responses to the cache? I would say that the responses have been positive, who wouldn’t like the idea of claiming such a unique find? I heard about the Lab Caches last year and thought they were a cool idea, when I heard we could create our own I thought this would be a great chance to do something fun for everyone and I hope to find a bunch of ballots next week when I open it up and pick the winner! “

Staying in Touch from 2300 Miles Away


Jennifer finds her Lab Cache!
Jennifer finds her Lab Cache!

This story comes from Geocaching HQ’er, Maria: “I sent a small plastic container to my father in AK [Alaska, USA] via mail to hide for my bestie since 6th grade, Jennifer. I had him hide it on his property in an old CAT grader. This particular location served multiple purposes. First, my dad could see the grader out his window. This meant that when Jennifer came to find it he could watch, I got a play-by-play on my voice-mail of her entire adventure. Second, Jennifer got a huge promotion at her job (a CAT dealership) this year and her co-workers are always grading on her nerves…see what I did there? So punny. Anyway, Jennifer was ecstatic and my dad loved being part of the action. It was a great way to stay connected to people I love who live 2, 300 miles away. “

Ready to begin? Create your limited time, single use Lab Cache Now!


An I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache is easy to create. You’re only bound by your imagination, a Find Code and, of course, local laws, regulations and just common sense. Need more info? Check out the I <3 Geocaching FAQ.


Tell us your creative ideas in comments below.  You might help inspire a once-in-a-lifetime experience for another geocacher.

  • Thomas

    This was an afterthought, but a great idea none the less and when these are permanent I’m going to use it.

    The idea is to put the link on a card for a FTF prize. Once the cacher finds it they will be brought to a gift shop, restaurant or coffee shop where there will be a prepaid prize waiting for them. Once the find the shop and their prize, they will also have the satisfaction of grabing a FTF cache that only they can log.

  • Fred Ankersen

    I used a haiku poem, my bonsai collection, and a tree stump to create the Lab’s valentine’s geocache test. I hid a micro in the stump, and set my bonsai so that the branch pointed at the micro. Then she interpreted the poem, and my grandson actually spotted the cache.

    The slanting branches
    Direct the eye t’wards splendor
    So small and peaceful.

    I could see this capability of targetting geocaches to specific individuals or groups as a great idea. I could see creating a geocache and sending the coordinates and description to a group to which you belong. They would have fun searching for and finding the cache, and may spark an interest in geocaching.

  • Sue

    I did a Valentine’s day Lab Cache . The person I did it for really liked it but it kept saying he couldn’t log it as a find because it was only in test Mode. How does he log his find – he has the unique number I created.

  • Derek H

    Sue – The account that logs the find has to be different than the account that created it. – Derek

  • Derek H

    Fred –
    What a cool Lab Cache.
    Creative and personal.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Bill Anderson

    Thank You for letting me try it again!

    My initial idea was to play this at our monthly event. I was going to put the coords in the parking lot. Give everyone the link. Then tell them they had to find the TB on a car in the parking lot. who ever was first would get the lab, plus they would be instructed to come see me for a gift card.
    I really hope you let us use these at our local events. I did talk to people at our event about them. I got mixed reactions. some who went to the mega in arizona said they were lame. others had not played them and think they are just another virtual hide. Just a word behind the utility pole they said was kind of lame.
    I think its going to be like the wherigo’s and will take some time for the creativeness to get flowing. A lot of people have not really got to experience them and are writing them off. The Block party labs were great everyone I talked to had fun with them along with Geocoinfest those were equally cool especially Tanked.

    Please don’t give up on these. They have great potential to be a lot of fun!

  • msmrjhampsteadmd

    My son & I began caching on President’s Day, three years ago. Since then, we have had a standing “date” to cache on President’s Day every year. Since he is now a teen, however, sometimes he is not as enthusiastic to go caching with mom as he used to be. Recently, I was able to get a pair of tickets for the Baltimore Orioles Opening Day – and my son is a huge Orioles fan. I was trying to figure out a cool way to give the tickets to him – and remembered that I had seen this lab cache thing a few weeks ago – perfect timing!! A friend helped me to make an Orioles themed cache, and she made a fake game ticket that was placed inside the cache. I created the cache, and ran out that morning to find a good hiding place (which was no easy task, since there was still about 3 feet of snow on the ground in our area!!). Later that afternoon, on our way back from caching, I told him that there was a new cache fairly close to our home. We went to GZ, and after a short search, he made the find. The expression on his face was priceless when he saw the ticket, and realized that he was going to Opening Day, 2014! We plan to use Orioles themed container to hide a new cache in our area in honor of Orioles Baseball! Thanks for helping me to come up with a great plan to celebrate our caching anniversary, and give my son the tickets!!!

  • Jeremy Irish

    That’s awesome, and not just because I’m an Orioles fan 🙂