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Welcome to I <3 Geocaching. Premium Members can experiment with one Lab Cache during this test.




What is I <3 Geocaching? For the month of February every Premium Member will be able to hide one personalized, temporary geocache for one person. Once the geocache is found and logged by one account it is automatically archived. Choose your personal geocaching adventure, and its recipient wisely…check out this blog post for ideas.
What is a Lab Cache? Lab Cache is an experimental and extremely rare geocache type. These geocaches are a way for us to innovate and test new ideas to make geocaching even better. By creating and finding a Lab Cache, you’re helping shape the future of geocaching.
Does my I <3 Geocaching personal Lab Cache have to involve a container? Are there other limitations (multis, etc.)? Not necessarily, and are you ready for this? Your personal geocache can even be indoors, even in your house! The person you share this geocache with will need to discover a code to unlock the find. Looking for some inspiration? Check out this video.
Will a geocaching community volunteer be reviewing my geocache before it’s published? Your personal geocache, is just that, personal. A community volunteer will not be reviewing your personal geocache. Continue to follow all laws, local regulations and just common sense when placing your personal geocache.
How do I preview my personal geocache creation? By visiting the link generated at the end of the building process you can view the geocache as your friend will see it. Be careful not to test the Find Code with any account but the one you used to build the cache since these Lab Caches can only be found once.
How do I share this personal geocache with my intended friend? Simply copy the link generated at the end of the personal geocaching building process… and share it with your player.
Do I earn a smiley if complete a Lab Cache? Yes – when you find a Lab Cache you earn a find and smiley. Congratulations.
Does a Lab Cache effect the statistics on my Geocaching profile page? The short answer is, “It will in the future.” The current statistics system does not support Lab Cache finds, but it will in the future. We’ll keep you posted. For even more information check out our Help Center.
Does my hide count go up if I create a I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache? Not yet. In the future, we’re planning to roll Lab Caches into your hide count at the same time we reflect Lab Cache activity on your statistics profile.
Who can view the Lab Cache I create? Anyone who knows the URL address of your Lab Cache can see it, so be careful who you share it with!
I want others to play the geocache I created, how do I share it with them? I <3 Geocaching is meant for one special person. This is a free test of a potential new feature. You may be able to create personal geocaches in the future in a very similar way.
My personal geocache was accidently logged by (a tester, another friend, an alien) how do I reset it? Unfortunately there’s no way to reset your hide. Once the find code has been entered by another geocacher, it is automatically archived.
If I become a Premium Member during the month of February will I be able to create one for a friend? Yes
How do I share my story of the awesome hide/find? Join the discussion on our inspiration blog post or join us on Facebook.
Why can only 1 person log my Lab Cache? I <3 Geocaching is a test, and as a test, we’re limiting the scope. So take your time creating and playing. You have until the end of February to complete an I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache.


Interested in even more information about I <3 Geocaching check out an expanded FAQ on our Help Center.

Ready for some I <3 Geocaching inspiration? Check out this blog post and share your ideas for an amazing I <3 Geocaching Lab Cache.

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