Your One-Stop Geocaching Resource is Right Here

Sweet! You're on the blog right now!
Sweet! You’re on the blog right now!

You’ve really done it now. You’ve fallen down the geocaching rabbit hole. Suddenly, you’re speaking another language involving FTF, muggles and TOTT’s. But lo’ and behold, there’s so much more to explore in this wonderland of geocaching. Your one-stop shop is right here. Discover an inspiring Geocache of the Week—oddly enough, posted every week. Stand in awe of selfless contributions to the adventure from the Geocacher of the Month—weirdly named every month (and open for votes right now). There’s more though, as anyone down here in the geocaching rabbit hole will explain. You’ll also travel around the world, checking out Mega-Events in Belgium or the logging the First to Find (FTF) ever recorded in SPACE!

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the blog!


  • Margaret Darrow Sandor

    I am amazed at how many people have not yet heard of geocaching. I wrote an article on it for the local paper, and took about a dozen others on their first geocaching. How do you spread the word?

  • Cache on Wheels

    Geocaching has made a huge difference to me and my family life for the better – thank you Groundspeak and all those who’ve encouraged and spent time with us. We have got to know lots of more people and many of them have become great friends 🙂
    Geocaching gives us an aim of places to visit and things to do, which is significantly more than we used to have. For me personally, it has increased my confidence in going out and meeting new people. It has also raised my self esteem: I feel so much better that I can join my husband and children going out for walks in the countryside using my mobility scooter which fits in my vehicle. Having caches out there to find which are suitable for us all, encourages me to get out and enjoy the countryside with family and friends.
    I also love the variety of stats. They are for my benefit, and a record of my personal achievements – I am proud of myself!
    I also enjoy encouraging other people of all ages and abilities to get outdoors and enjoy their time more: many friends benefit from coming out with us they’ve said. Not all have set up their own Geocaching acc as yet, but at least they’re enjoying getting out!

    Thanks to all the cache owners and reviewers, lackeys and all those willing to offer support when it’s needed – you’re all amazing 🙂