Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • chris

    That shark one is awesome!

  • Violet Streak

    They forgot one: The Handy Cache by djwhouse in Volo Bog, Illinois. Not as freaky as some of those, but it scared us so badly, imagine watching 3 girls, ages 7, 10, and 11, (me one of them but I didn’t see it I just got really confused when my sister and friend freaked out) come out of the woods screaming! What scared them? Is it a snake… Or a what’s left of a geocacher that never came back?

  • DeWolffies

    They also forgot mine: Bewoners van de Woeste Wouden – Arrgh de Zombie (GC5TD9Y). Solving the puzzle is one, having the nerve to grab the logbook is something else.

  • Team MMB

    GC366E9 Isla de la Munecas

  • sandorn

    GC3GY09 “Chopped up”. Dies ist unser Horror Nacht Cache mit Leichenteilen. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Besuch.

  • MiSiYa

    In Berlin there is a series of 10 traditional caches plus a bonus-puzzle-final called The Walking Dead (see GC55N9T for the complete list). All 11 have special containers and are nicely scary, in particular when you do them in the evening, but the final is definitely the coolest and more than worth mentioning in this list.

  • Jackson Meddows

    Someone should put one in a haunted field, like one of those haunted corn maze or in one of those long paths with no definite direction that are also haunted. If in the maze, should be at the longest and most out of the way dead (pun intended) end.

  • bmps2003

    Dracula Untold B31 – GC5HGMH
    ihave another 🙂