Interview with NTM-27 AKA @creativecache

What do a Rubik’s cube, a typewriter, a heron, and a fishing pole all have in common? They are all things that cache owner NTM-27 has used to create a cache!



Nynke (NTM-27) is a 22 year old geocacher who combines her passions for geocaching and photography into her inspirational Instagram account, @creativecache. We reached out to learn more about her and how she draws inspiration for creative hides.




Geocaching HQ: How did you get introduced to geocaching?

NTM-27: I read about it on a Dutch review website that wrote about it in such a fun and exhilarating way. So, I installed the app and immediately liked it. I especially liked the feeling that there are treasures all around you that I never previously knew existed.

GCHQ: At what point did you realize you wanted to become a cache owner? What was your first cache hide?

NTM-27: I realized I wanted to become a cache owner when I found about 50 canisters and boxes in a row behind a tree or under a stone. I missed the challenge and the effort and wanted to make something different. I like to create the type of caches I would like to find myself that also allow me to express my creativity.

My first cache was a mystery where the geocachers needed to find a homemade treasure map. On the map they would find the coordinates of the cache, which led you to a treasure chest.

GCHQ: How do you draw inspiration for your creative hides?

NTM-27: I’ve always been a creative person — drawing, painting and creating things. Geocaching is just a different way to express my creativity. All the caches that I’ve created are my own ideas. I think it’s important to put a little bit of yourself into each cache you hide.

Most ideas pop into my head just before I go to sleep, so that’s why I always keep a notebook next to my bed to write/draw them down.  

GCHQ: What geocache that you have found has been your favorite?

NTM-27: That’s a difficult one. I’ve found many fun, beautiful, creative caches in the last few years around here. If I have to narrow it down, it would be three caches from Nanda&MichelGC6170Z, GC5C9HV,  and GC5HHFB. All are very well thought-out, detailed, creative, and beautiful caches.  

GCHQ: What’s your advice for aspiring cache owners who want to hide something creative?

NTM-27: I guess I would say: just try! If you have an idea in mind, try to realize it. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help if you don’t know how and look online for inspiration! Maybe it’ll give you ideas, but always try to make it your own. What would YOU  like to find? I think that’s the best advice.

GCHQ: If time and money, weren’t an issue, what would be your dream geocaching adventure?

NTM-27: Definitely, without a doubt, to find the cache in space. But, since that isn’t going to happen (maybe in another life), I would like to visit and find caches on all the continents of the world.

GCHQ: Any ideas for your next hide?

NTM-27: Plenty! Right now I’m almost finished with my ‘Little house on the prairie’ cache. It’s a TB hotel, but different. Since many decide to make big TB hotels, I like to create the opposite by making a small TB house. A place where TBs  and cachers can feel at home. And as long as the ideas keep popping up in my head and there’s space left to hide 😉 I will continue making creative caches!

And we sure hope she does! For inspiration for your own caches or motivation to find hers, here are some of her crafty hides:

  • Crea Cache — GC6VENA People need to draw themselves to log the cache. She placed permanent markers on the side of the desk.


For further reading, NTM-27 was featured on HumansofGeocaching.com, a website that highlights amazing geocachers and their stories.

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