How to plan a geocaching date

You’ve caught the geocaching love bug, but your plus one isn’t quite convinced of your sometimes odd-hours, late-night hobby. This is a good sign! Skepticism is an applicable skill to have when geocaching—would the cache owner really hide the cache right there when it’s a Difficulty 4? While geocaching is equally great as a solo adventure, we’re sharing three tips on how to plan a geocaching date.

Photo by r.lkönigin at GL10H2MRR.

1. Find a romantic location for your geocaching date. Geocaching helps you explore new places, whether they are in your neighborhood or across the globe. Take a look at the map and discover a new park, view point, or waterfall to visit together!

Photo by aremi77 at GC41QJY with over 650 Favorite points.

2. Plan to find a geocache with lots of Favorite points and love is sure to be in the air! Geocachers show their geocaching love in many ways, one of which is by awarding Favorite points. Favorite points are a Premium member feature and a simple way to track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most. Sort by Favorite points to find a list of geocaches that are sure to delight.

3. Make memories by creating your own SWAG (Stuff We All Get) to leave behind in the geocache! Custom SWAG is a fun way to leave some of your personality in a geocache. It could be something you create from your local craft store, a trading stone, wooden nickels, lapel pins, the list goes on!

Since muggles outnumber geocachers (for now), you may have to take the lead on transforming your partner into a geocacher, but there are benefits to a muggle partner too! The Geocaching Junkie shares four reasons why having a muggle partner has its own advantages.

Have you been on a geocaching date? Share your favorite planning tips in the comments!