Enhance Your Game with Geocaching API Partner Applications and Tools

Caching for 16 years, Annie Love (username Love) has enjoyed caching adventures and meeting community members all over the world. She began working at Geocaching HQ in 2007, working at the front desk before there even was a front desk. Nowadays, Annie manages the API and Trackables programs and is known for caching in flip flops whenever the conditions allow!

Did you know that a geocaching Premium membership comes with countless features? And no, I’m not just talking about the list of features you saw when you considered why you should go Premium. Though Pocket Queries, Caches Along a Route, and access to all geocache listings on the mobile app are invaluable features to me, I’m talking about the extra tools and features that aren’t specifically called out. These features do take a little extra searching to find though. But hey, we’re all geocachers – searching for things is what we do! 

What are some of these magical extra features you ask? How about seeing on a map where possible First to Finds might be available? Or when discovering a book full of trackables, being able to quickly scan them all with your phone’s camera and log the entire collection at once? Are you working your way to your first Jasmer and need to know what months you’re missing without looking one by one through all of your geocache finds? How cool does it sound to have a tool to do all that searching for you in a matter of seconds? Maybe earning a badge for hitting different milestones in the game drives you to play the game you love more. I know it does for me! 

So, do you need to decrypt the hint on where to find these extra benefits of your Premium membership? If so, I’ve got you covered. Just check out the list of our Geocaching API partners and start finding the extra ways your Premium membership can enhance the game for you! After all, your membership helps fund the Geocaching API program to make all these extra tools possible.

With my role at Geocaching HQ, I work with all of the Geocaching API partners who create and continually enhance these tools for geocachers like you and me. Many of these talented developers found a game they loved and wanted to create a tool to help them play it better. So with access to the geocaching API program, they’ve been able to create tools not just for themselves, but for all of us! 

Within the list you’ll find endless amounts of tools to help you plan cache outings, plan your geocaching vacations, or simply just to find the nearest cache on your lunch break. 

Even though I’ve spent countless hours on Project-GC, I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what the website can do. The site has helped me reach both my single and double Jasmers. It’s pushed me to reach 10,000 cache finds and then to push my highest daily cache find count to 1001 in one very long and super fun day with caching friends. It’s helped me check my work on puzzle caches and it’s helped me find the challenge caches that I’ve already qualified for. 

Another handy app I use during event season is TBScan. With this app (available on both iOS and Android), I can quickly scan any trackables I want to discover – it saves the codes and when done scanning, I can type up my log and submit it for all the trackables I just discovered. 

While the official geocaching app is my go-to app in the field, I always keep Cachly (iOS) handy to easily see if there are any possible First to Finds available where I’m caching. Not that I have an Apple Watch, but if I did, I could use Cachly directly on the watch to search for caches. But I’m a Fitbit girl, and well, there’s a geocaching app for that! 

Not an iPhone person like me and love your Android? Well, Geooh Go has you covered if you want to play a Wherigo cartridge within the app. Or, if you’re jealous of the Apple Watch and Fitbit apps, use Geooh Go’s Wear OS watch app to find a geocache!

When safety allows for travel, how about a tool that will help you create the perfect driving route and schedule for all of your caches, the lunch spot your friend recommended and finally the hotel where you’ll rest up for the next day of caching? Cachetur.no can map and detail this out for you down to the minute!

Anyway, don’t take it just from me. Ask your fellow hardcore caching friends what their go-to caching tools are and I bet you’ll find some tips and tricks to enhance your geocaching game! 

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