A neat initiative for the environment

Join geocachers around the world to improve the outdoors, celebrate 20 years of geocaching, and log a rare cache type in 2021! Today, we’re thrilled to announce GC8NEAT Let’s improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache. This HQ-owned cache provides a unique opportunity to contribute to environmental improvement and protection efforts in a way that’s most meaningful and safe for you. 

We all know the pandemic has cancelled or postponed some fun stuff. Many of us are missing Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) activities, as well as Mega-Events where we looked forward to logging Find Signal the Frog® – Locationless in 2020. While we hope to enjoy each of these cache types later in the year, GC8NEAT offers some of what you’re missing without the wait.

This Locationless Cache is available to log February 6, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Here are the logging requirements:

  1. Include one (1) photo of yourself or a personal item with the results of your outdoor improvement effort.
  2. Tell us where your improvement effort took place (for example, the city of Berlin).

Optional: Provide additional images of your improvement effort, great storytelling in your log is highly encouraged.

The cache page is locked until February 6, 2021, which gives you a few weeks to make plans! Participate individually or with a small group (after checking the current guidance from public health authorities). The possibilities are endless, but could include:

  • Clean up garbage in your neighborhood or favorite walking path.
  • Join an existing community effort to remove invasive species, plant trees, and improve parks.

Bonus points for using alternative (green) transport during your efforts, whether it’s biking, walking, skating, taking a bus, etc.!

We hope you seek out many opportunities to improve the outdoors, but you can only log one find on this cache. Besides earning the Locationless Cache icon, you will also receive a special souvenir on your Geocaching profile. We can’t wait to see your neat ideas for this special initiative!

Hopelessly addicted cacher and Geocaching HQ's public relations manager.