Creative caches: Night caches

Pack your headlamps and reflective gear because this week we’re exploring the mysterious and wonderful world of night caches! A night cache is a geocache that is difficult or impossible to find during the day. Typically, the posted coordinates for a night cache are at the start of a path that leads to the exact location of the geocache. Geocachers have to use a flashlight or UV lights to follow reflectors or glow-in-the-dark paint that leads to the geocache container. These caches can be almost any cache type, ranging from Traditionals to Wherigos, and cache hiders tend to get extra creative with themes for these caches that are only found after dark. We’re shedding some light on three highly-Favorited night caches. Read on to get inspired!

1. Milchstraße -Nachtcache-
GC1N7CM, D 3/T 3

Image by diewaschbaeren3.

This Multi-Cache in Germany takes its inspiration from the Milky Way and the stars in the night sky. At different waypoints named for stars, planets, and constellations, geocachers must use flashlights to illuminate different reflectors that help them find their way to the final coordinates.

2. Nite-A-Tack
GC288Y0, D 1.5/T 3

Image by Cuddlefish.

This Multi-Cache takes its finders on a 3.2 kilometer nighttime trek along the trails of a park in British Columbia, Canada. The journey can take up to 1.5 hours, but there’s a lot to take in along the way as you follow the path of reflectors to the cache’s final location. Cache owner Professor P. writes that the path includes “…cozy corridors, a glacial erratic, evidence of old time logging, spooky forests, romantic views, daring obstacles, and comfortable resting spots.”

GC3XY3B, D 3/T 4.5

Image by T_N_C.

This Mystery Cache follows a story that will be familiar to anyone who has read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Instead of watching out for the Headless Horseman, geocachers must watch out for the Headless Cacheman as they follow a path of fearsome-looking trees that will guide them to the final coordinates.

With search filters for Premium members, you can search for night caches on the website or the Geocaching® mobile app by filtering for the “Night cache” attribute.

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.